10 Apps for a Better You

These apps will help keep you on track with daily tasks & life goals. You'll be more focused & find some peace of mind. These are apps for a better you.

These apps will help keep you on track with daily tasks & life goals. You'll be more focused & find some peace of mind. These are apps for a better you.

Let’s face it – smart phones are taking over our lives. There’s just so much they can do. With social media apps you can connect with long lost friends and make new friends. There are apps to watch tv shows and movies. There are apps to keep tabs on your family. You name it, there’s an app for that.

I have gone on a quest to find some helpful apps for you. Apps that can keep you on track during the day, and apps that can fire up your brain. These are apps for a better you.

1. Carrot (iPhone only. $)

This app is a hoot! It’s a to-do list that rewards you for getting stuff done. She’s got quite the personality, but if you go too long without checking anything off your list she gets angry. It starts out as a very simple app, but as you get more tasks done you get more features (including a cat that you get to name and feed). Once I started using this app I instantly became more productive. I just wanted to get everything done so I could see what Carrot would do next. Plus, once you get to a certain level, if you tell her “I’m bored,” she’ll give you something to do. Like apply to clown college.

2. 30/30 – Task and Time Management (iPhone and iPad. Free.)

I love the idea behind this one. You can customize the length of your timers and assign a task for each one. Let’s say you have one hour to work and there are three things you need to do. You need 25 minutes for task A, 15 minutes for task B, and 20 minutes for task C. Set your timers for the desired length of time and go. You can focus wholly on the task at hand and not worry about the time. The app will sound an alarm when it’s time to switch tasks.

These apps will help keep you on track with daily tasks & life goals. You'll be more focused & find some peace of mind. These are apps for a better you.

3. Unstuck (iPad only. Free.)

This one is for those moments when you just feel stuck. Maybe you can’t make a decision or you can’t figure out what step to take next. Just input some details, and Unstuck will help you sort everything out and give you a little insight as to why you may be stuck. 

4. Brainsparker (iPhone and iPad. Free, offers in-app purchases.)

I love this one! Most of the time I feel like my brain is turning to mush because I mommy all day every day. This app is for creative thinking. It gives you prompts to think or write about. You can set a notification to go off every day to have something to ponder about. It comes with a few basic card packs (prompts), but you can buy additional packs for $0.99 each, or $2.99 for the whole bundle. I hate spending money on apps, but I feel like this one was worth it. Especially if you’re a blogger – there’s a pack of blogger inspiration cards. 

5. Uplift (iPhone and iPad. Free.)

This is for those like me that avoid the news because it’s just depressing. Uplift is your source of positive news. You’ll find here a variety of articles from positive and inspirational quotes to happy stories floating around the web. Most of the time I feel really agitated after reading the news, but after reading it in this app, I felt really encouraged. It reminds you that there are good people out there, too.

6. Grid Diary (iPhone and iPad. Free, offers in-app purchases.)

This makes keeping a diary simple and easy. It gives you 9 blocks that you can customize with different notes. You can set one block up for accomplishments, another for events, and one for good things that happened today. The options are endless. You can even add your mood and the weather. And in case you’re forgetful, it can remind you to enter the day’s notes.

7. I am. (iPhone and iPad. Free.)

This app is simple. Every day it sends you a notification that reminds you how wonderful you are. It will tell you “I am smart,” or “I am beautiful.” What better way to start your day than with a reminder that you’re awesome?

These apps will help keep you on track with daily tasks & life goals. You'll be more focused & find some peace of mind. These are apps for a better you.

8. iWish (iPhone and iPad. Offers in-app purchases.)

This is the ultimate bucket list app. We all need dreams and goals, and this will help you figure some out. It’s a visual list of what you want to accomplish in life. There are images for everything from traveling to finances to health to relationships. You can even upload your own picture and create your own bucket list item. With the paid features you can plan your steps by making a to do list, and you can keep track of your progress. 

9. Cozi Family Organizer (iPhone and iPad. Free, offers in-app purchases.)

This is probably the ultimate organizer for families. It’s a calendar, to-do list, and notes center all in one place. Plus, you can set it up on all your family members’ phones. Everyone has access to the important information they need – doctor’s appointments, school functions, and activities. You can even keep recipes in it, and add items from the recipe to your grocery list. Fancy, right?

10. Omvana (iPhone and iPad. Free, offers in-app purchases.)

Try adding some meditation to your daily routine with Omvana. Help yourself relax and focus. There are guided meditation sessions you can download that cover any topic from health and happiness to sleep and relationships and more. You have access to so many free sessions, and there are additional ones available for purchase.

If we’re going to be connected to our phones 24/7, they might as well be doing some good for us. Personally, I love a to-do list that has an attitude and can make me laugh(Carrot), and my brain could definitely use some sparking. What’s your favorite app?

NOTE: We are an Apple family through and through! Just about every device in our house runs on Apple software, so all of these are Apple apps. They may or may not be available for Android.

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  1. You’re specifying iPad or iPhone, does that mean none are on Android?

    • Aaaahhh! Thanks, Julie! I meant to make a note about that (and I just went back and fixed that)! They might be available for Android, but I haven’t checked them all. We don’t really have anything that uses Android.

  2. Ooh, I’m an app junkie but I actually haven’t tried any of these! Carrot sounds hilarious and 30/30 sounds right up my alley! Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Erin recently posted…Cosmic Kids Yoga ReviewMy Profile

  3. iPhone has all of the cool apps. I need to get one! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is a great list – I need to look into a couple of these! Thanks for all your research into this!

  5. Oh my gosh, this is such an informative and well laid out blog post! This is exactly why I follow you, being a new blogger. I’m downloading two of these now. Thank you for listing these, every time I search for a calendar or new do-dad to help me out, they always come up short in some way.

    • Vickie, that has to be the nicest comment in the history of comments everywhere! Thank you so much for following! I hope those apps measure up for you!

  6. These look like some fun apps, but I only have an Android phone. I’m hoping next time we need an upgrade we can switch to an IPhone too.
    Shann Eva recently posted…The NICU stay and Preemie MondayMy Profile

    • I completely spaced when I wrote this and forgot that the entire world doesn’t use Apple stuff like we do! Some of them are probably on Android, but I just haven’t gotten a chance to go back and start checking yet. Lol

  7. Such a great list! I really need to learn to use my iPhone to it’s full capabilities, and not just for social media and my kiddos games. I’ll definitely be checking these out!
    Rebekah recently posted…Motherhood Mindfulness: How to be Present Even Amongst the Chaos!My Profile

  8. I have never heard of any of these apps. How horrible is that?? I love the idea of Uplift! I’m going to go check some of these out. Thank you!!
    Katie @thenrooksielife recently posted…Monday AlreadyMy Profile

    • Uplift was definitely one of my favorites! I hate the news, but I feel like I’m almost staying in touch with the world when I read that. 🙂

  9. Yes! I love lists like this – I don’t have any of these so I will check them out. The Cozy Family Organizer App caught my attention. Pinning this!
    Erin recently posted…Keep Moving ForwardMy Profile

    • Thanks, Erin! That the family organizer has some really neat features! I love that you can have to-do lists, grocery lists, and appointments all in one app.

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