Plan with Me! August Bullet Journal Setup

Hello, August! Is it cliche to say that this year is going by so fast? July flew by so quickly, and I felt so busy the whole time! I think I was lucky to get one blog post published. I’ll give you some life updates later in this post, but first, I am soooooo excited to share with you my August bullet journal setup!!! There are so many new things this month, so let’s dive right in and get started!

Big changes this month in my August bullet journal setup! New journals, new calendar spread, and I'm moving into a traveler's notebook!

Moving Into a Traveler’s Notebook

You might remember that a couple months ago, I wrote a post about bullet journaling in a traveler’s notebook. I still couldn’t get the whole TN system out of my head. Lucky for me, my mom came for a visit last month, and she brought some leather and supplies with her! We made our own traveler’s notebooks, and it was so much fun! These covers are beautiful!

Traveler's Notebook Cover | Big changes this month in my August bullet journal setup! New journals, new calendar spread, and I'm moving into a traveler's notebook!

A little about the cover, just in case you’re curious:

  • It is cut from leather, but I don’t know the specs on the weight or thickness. It’s soft and smooth, not too thin, nice and flexible, but not floppy.
  • Instead of dyeing the leather, we opted for leather paint. So much easier to do when you have little ones running around! I used purple paint on mine, and that color is just gorgeous. (My mom’s is blue, but I didn’t get a picture of them together.)
  • The inside is still natural. I still can’t decide if I want to paint it purple as well, or if I want to leave it alone. Until I make up my mind for sure, I’m not doing anything to it.
  • It is an A5 size with 4 strands down the spine. It’s wide enough to fit my Leuchtturm1917, a Rhodiarama, and maybe a little more.

The First Insert

My first insert is a silver Rhodiarama dot grid notebook. I believe it has 160 pages. I chose the Rhodiarama because I wanted a notebook a little thinner than the typical journal, and I’m on a mission to try out as many different notebooks as I can! The paper in this journal is so smooth and just delicious!

This is my long term journal. It has my future planning (one full year), and other long-term collections, like my son’s school calendar, and a list of family birthdays and anniversaries. I have plans to include more spreads, but I had to pause setting that one up so that I could get started on August’s pages. I definitely want to make a bill tracker for the year, and I have ideas for other lists as well. Anything that I will need longer than the span of a journal will go in this book.

The Second Insert

This is my main journal that includes monthly, weekly, and daily planning spreads, short term collections, journaling, doodles, quotes, etc.

Two months ago I moved into a yellow LT1917, and I used all bright happy colors and flowers in it (you can see that setup here). Two months! That’s how long that journal lasted. This month I am moving into an azure LT1917, a gift from my momma for Mother’s Day. (It’s amazing when you have family members that totally get and support your journaling obsession!) When I see this bright blue cover, all I can think about is going to the beach, so this will be my beachy/tropical/ocean-themed journal. Instead of all bright colors I’ll be using shades of blues and greens, with a few other accents here and there. I think it’s going to be really pretty when it’s all done.

August Bullet Journal Setup!

And that brings us to my August bullet journal setup! Once again I was overwhelmed with ideas for my monthly pages theme, but I tried to keep it simple. Then things got out of hand! I tried sketching out a few scenes, but I couldn’t quite make them look like I wanted them to. My ocean doodles need a little more practice!

Then I remembered that I had a waterbrush that I had yet to start experimenting with, and then inspiration struck! Waterbrush + Tombow brush pens = amazingness!!!

The cover page for August is nice and simple — pretty ocean water creeping onto the beach under a bright blue sky. I thought about going over some places and adding in a little detail with a white pen, but I was terrified I would ruin it.  I used Tombow brush pens and the waterbrush, and it turned out better than I thought it would!

Cover | Big changes this month in my August bullet journal setup! New journals, new calendar spread, and I'm moving into a traveler's notebook!

August Bullet Journal Setup: Calendar

I loved the watercolor ocean so much that I decided to carry it through the whole August bullet journal setup. I switched back to a traditional monthly calendar just so I could use this layout. Those watercolor squares make me so happy! I’m not sure if it will be as functional for me as the vertical bullet journal calendar, but I couldn’t pass on this idea. And just for fun, a Jimmy Buffet quote (always a Parrothead)!

Calendar | Big changes this month in my August bullet journal setup! New journals, new calendar spread, and I'm moving into a traveler's notebook!

August Bullet Journal Setup: Monthly Trackers

Back in July I tried a few experimental pages, and added quite a few new spreads to my trackers. Holy moly, that was a lot to keep up with, and a lot to set up! Since I wanted to scale back on some of the set up, I nixed the time log and expense log. Neither are hugely necessary for me at the moment, so I’m not sad to see them go.

I changed up my “This Month” page a little and added in a “Currently” section. My weather tracker stayed the same, but since it has the watercolor background, I’ll be drawing in my weather icons with a black pen instead of colors.

Currently & Weather Tracker| Big changes this month in my August bullet journal setup! New journals, new calendar spread, and I'm moving into a traveler's notebook!

I still love writing down my happiness everyday, and I’ll definitely continue that through August. I really love how the sand and ocean details make this page look.

Happiness | Big changes this month in my August bullet journal setup! New journals, new calendar spread, and I'm moving into a traveler's notebook!

Last but not least is my monthly habit tracker. This might be my favorite page of them all! Some things on here I include to make sure I do it every day, others are on there to see how often I’m doing them. It’s ridiculous to see how many days I didn’t do laundry last month — there weren’t very many!

Habit Tracker | Big changes this month in my August bullet journal setup! New journals, new calendar spread, and I'm moving into a traveler's notebook!

I’ve been using a bullet journal for almost a year now, and this is by far my favorite monthly setup of them all! As an added bonus, it was so amazingly easy to move into the azure journal since I didn’t have to transfer any collections! Page 1 is my August cover! This TN system is already a win!

Life Updates!

I can’t believe I only got one post done last month. It has honestly taken me over a week to get this one written and posted! I have been super busy, and only squeezing in blog stuff when I could.

First, I sunk a lot of time into my long-term collections. Since I knew I’d be looking at those spreads for a long time, I wanted them to be awesome. Honestly, I might have spent way more time on them than I should have, but I had a blast doing it, so that’s okay.

Second, my son is starting Kindergarten in a few weeks! Oh. My. GOD!!! (And if you read that in Janice’s high pitched voice, you just earned a bunch of FRIENDS points!) He had his fifth birthday last month, and he says he’s ready to go! We’ve been doing a lot of school prep and trying to get into a new (earlier) morning routine.

In between school prep, journaling, regular family stuff, I’ve also been making more of a point to work out a lot more often and stick to my cleaning schedule at home. There hasn’t been a whole lot of time for blogging, and instead of stressing myself out over it, I’ve just been going with the flow.

So if my posts seem a little far-spaced, just know that I’m here, just getting my family into new routines. Once we all get settled with my son in school (this is a first for all of us) maybe things will get back on track here! I hope you’ve been having an amazing summer!

What did you think of my August bullet journal setup? What’s your theme this month? And do you have kids going to school this year? Tell me below in the comments! Also, tell me if you want a tutorial for the “faux” watercolor techniques I used this month!

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  1. So lovely with all the purple leather and watercolors! Wow school already for your little, what a new adventure.

  2. I love the blue colors for this bullet journal!
    Natalie @ Obsessive Cooking Disorder recently posted…Strawberry, Basil, and Lemon Infused WaterMy Profile

  3. Your August bullet journal ideals are sooooo cute, creative and fun! I love the colors and uniqueness, it makes me want to make one right now!

  4. This is such a great idea! I didn’t know where to start when it comes to journalling but I might give it a try now!
    Delphine recently posted…Be Inspired by the Stunning Cliffs of Sydney’s North HeadMy Profile

    • The whole journaling thing has really been amazing! I can’t recommend it enough! Thanks for stopping by, Delphine!

  5. OMG I think this is the pretties journal I’ve ever seen! You should get an award for it haha Beautiful ! I don’t use journal but now I want to hahah

  6. Do you have a sticker shop? This year so nice. I tried this and it did not come out as nice

  7. I love this! Bullet journaling is intimidating to me since I am not artistic. They are so enticing, though!

    • Thanks, Tracy! And I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to let the artsy journals deter you. Mine started out super simple just so I could get used to it, and then it just sort of became my creative outlet. Give it a try if you want to! I have seen some very beautiful minimalist journals!

  8. I need some of those water brush pens! Your journal looks absolutely awesome! I’m really interested in starting a bullet journal, but I haven’t got round to it yet; if I get cool pens though I will be beside myself doodling and setting up a journal!

    • The waterbrush pen is amazing!!! I can’t believe it took me this long to get one! Good luck starting your journal! I’m always here if you have any questions!

  9. This is amazing. Can you do my journal for me? I don’t think I could ever get mine to look that pretty.

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  11. These are so nice — I didn’t even realize at first that you made them Your handwriting is so good!
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