Breaking Your Creative Rut

We all get in a creative rut from time to time, but these tips will help you break through and bounce back more inspired than ever!

I’ve been staring at this blank page for several minutes trying to figure out how I should start this post. Should I mention that I’m feeling uninspired? Should I start off with a little background about how everything at home has been a little off-kilter since we got back from our vacation? I should definitely mention that I’m feeling frustrated because my kids don’t really let Momma work much anymore. No, none of that sounds right. I’m in a creative rut, and it’s time to break free.

These creative ruts happen from time to time, as I’m sure they do with everyone. So I’m going to share my best tips for breaking through, and coming out more invigorated than ever!

Get some alone time.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, or just uninspired, treat yourself to a little me time. Let yourself recharge. You could indulge in some self care, do some reading, go for a walk, or just sit and enjoy the silence, anything. Coloring is very relaxing. Grab your kids’ coloring book and crayons if you don’t have your own. Just remove yourself from the daily bustle and recharge your batteries (metaphorically speaking).

Refresh your workspace. 

Doing something as mundane as cleaning can leave you feeling energized. So put away all the clutter, go through your desk drawers, organize, and dust. Add some new inspiration, like a DIY wall art quote, a vase of flowers (artificial is great because you don’t have to water them and then toss them), a new candle, etc. 

Finish an old project.

I’m sure you probably have several projects that are “in-progress” and not quite completed yet. Pick one of those and finish it! Sometimes just wrapping up a task can give you a little momentum. Keep finishing older projects until you’re ready to start fresh and new. My favorite part of this is that sometimes those projects spark ideas for new inspiration.


Make a list of all the creative things you want to do. If you’re a blogger, make a list of post ideas. If you’re a crafter, make a list of things you want to make. And so on. A lot of times, I have plenty of ideas swirling around but nothing feels right. So I start my list and I don’t stop until I find something I can work with.

Rearrange your home.

When I was younger I used to do this on a weekly basis. I loved moving furniture around in my bedroom constantly. Now as an adult it’s a little more difficult to do because there are a lot more factors to consider. If I move this couch will the kids get behind it… Will moving this make them crash into that… So now furniture rearranging is more like Tetris. It requires some serious critical thinking and logistics. Plus the best part – when I’m done I can relax on a newly relocated chair and have a whole different perspective on the room (i.e. my world). Rearranging your home can make your brain juices start flowing and give you a new view.

Take a break.

The other day when I was feeling stuck, I took a break. I decorated some pages in my planner, and caught up on a show that was taking up room on the DVR. I knew I should have been writing instead, but I was less stressed because I wasn’t fretting over a blank screen. So take a break. If it’s for a few hours, a day, a week, it will help. Take a break for however long you need, you’ll know when it’s time to come back.

Give yourself grace.

We are our own harshest judges. Don’t be mad at yourself for not cranking out work like you used to. Be forgiving. We all get caught in a tough spot every once in a while. Be okay with doing less. Remember, it’s quality over quantity. 

Find the block.

What’s stopping your creative flow? Are you frustrated because you don’t have the time? Do you only want to do part of your creative project and not the whole thing? Tune into your thoughts and figure out what’s stopping you, and then see if you can find a way around that problem.

Just do it.

When all else fails, this is what gets me going again every time. Just sit down in your freshly cleaned workspace and start. Start writing, start creating, start doing your thing. Chances are the creativity will kick in again and you’ll be off and running! 

Everyone gets stuck now and then. Whether you’re a writer, blogger, designer, or crafter, it’s going to happen. We’re only human. But hopefully these tips will help you bounce back better than ever!

Have any of these ideas worked for you before? I’d love to hear your best tip for breaking a creative rut! Tell me below in the comments!

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  1. Just what I needed to hear today! THANK YOU

  2. Sometimes we really do need a break and to step back from our projects to then see them with a fresh eye. I love that you added give yourself grace and find the block. Once I figure out what’s causing my lack of drive, it usually helps me move forward. Powering through is a good one too – getting started is the hardest sometimes and once you have something on a blank screen or canvas, the creativity returns.
    Julie S. @ Fab Working Mom Life recently posted…Gratitude and Goals June 17, 2016 #GratitudeGoalsMy Profile

    • Thanks, Julie! This week it was my frustration at having less time to work, so I knew I needed to start getting up ridiculously early again. Win/lose. 🙂

  3. Such fantastic tips Samantha! refreshing my workspace and rearranging and reorganizing always help me when I’m feeling uninspired.

  4. Breaks help me a ton; and pinterest! I often turn to pinterest for all kinds of inspiration 🙂

    xoxo, Sam |

  5. Marie Beausoleil

    I’ve learned that my readers don’t benefit at all if I’m writing while feeling in a rut. Far better to take a step back – they’ll still be there when I am refreshed.

    I signed up for your list. 🙂
    Marie Beausoleil recently posted…Controlling Weeds in an Organic GardenMy Profile

  6. Giving yourself grace and taking a break for some me time is so important! I find when I’m unmotivated and uninspired it means I’m exhausted and I just need to take some time to just sleep in and be lazy.

  7. Alone time, taking a break and just do it!

  8. I love the idea of cleaning and rearranging! This weekend I”m moving my office and I’m so excited to clear off my desk and start fresh! Hopefully I can uncluttered my desk so that I have more room to breathe, and therefore think, but my toddler likes to pull everything out of my drawers and put them on my desk so we’ll have to see how it goes 😉

    • Lol! Oh that sounds like so much fun! When we moved our computer from my husband’s desk to mine it was so exciting for me to set it all up. Enjoy!

  9. These are great ideas, especially giving yourself grace. Sometime we can be hard on our own self.
    Sophia recently posted…You Can Choose To Be The Master Of Your Emotions, And Not Let Them Consume YouMy Profile

  10. Excellent advice! Sometimes I try to push through a project, when all I really need to do is take a break and revisit. Thanks!
    Betsy recently posted…Summer BBQ Tips for Mediterranean Stuffed BurgersMy Profile

  11. I literally just unburied my desk and just that task alone is feeling me feel more refreshed. There is still cleaning to be done, but my immediate space is cleared off and I am ready to rock and roll!

  12. Alone time, taking a break, and giving myself grace are all vital to my creative process. Living life with littles, working, and blogging takes a lot of energy and sometimes I just have to say that blogging must take a back seat. Thanks for the tips and the encouragement!
    Lori recently posted…Honoring Openness in AdoptionMy Profile

    • Thanks, Lori! And you’re right, sometimes the blog has to take a back seat because the littles always come first. 🙂

  13. These are all wonderful tips and ideas to get your creative juices flowing.
    candy recently posted…Italian Grinder DipMy Profile

  14. Great List! I especially love tip #2 – I routinely move my desk to other areas of the house and it always helps bring back my motivation

    • Thanks, Chrisy! I love that you move your desk around! I can imagine that leaves you with a new perspective every time!

  15. Great tips – so many great ideas to remember. I especially love your suggestion of coloring! One of my favorite things to do 🙂

  16. Great post! I love the point about giving yourself some grace. I definitely need to take this advice on board as I get very frustrated with myself when I’m not cranking out the work like I usually would.

    • Thank you, Bree! We’re only human! It’s easy to feel like we need to push out so many posts a week, but the reality is that sometimes our brains need a break or a refresh. 🙂

  17. I couldnt agree more with all the tips, especially taking a break and clearing up the workspace. Those two help me a ton!

  18. These are some great tips! I’m sorry you’re feeling uninspired and I hope things get better for you soon! <3
    Susannah recently posted…Small Town Living LoveMy Profile

  19. When I am in a creative rut I like to get inspiration from others – like when I am in a creative rut with painting I like to go to an art museum. It helps every single time.

  20. Such great tips! Refreshing your workspace and rearranging things in your home are perfect ways to clear the clutter, clear your mind and let the inspiration flow. Thanks for these great ideas and reminders. Have a lovely weekend Samantha! 🙂

  21. Getting some alone time is key for me! I’m thinking about going to a hotel for a mini retreat!

  22. Such great tips – I actually posted about something similar! It’s definitely ok to feel a bit uninspired, but the important thing is knowing that nothing will happen unless you start something! You can practice creativity though and hopefully have those ruts less! Here’s my post about that, if you’d like to check it out:

    • Thanks, Lydia! I love your post, especially the beginning about misconceptions about creatives. Our minds must be in-sync together. 😉

  23. I DESPERATELY need to break my creative rut. Alone time is the big one for me… I suddenly went from living alone to having my boyfriend and a roommate living with me and it’s killing me… I mean I love having my bf, but the roommate… it’s too much.
    Angie recently posted…Simple Peaches & Cream Recipe to Use Up Overripe PeachesMy Profile

  24. This has been my life for the past few weeks, I’ve still done the bits I’ve needed to but I’m not exactly feeling ‘inspired’. I’ve been concentrating on myself and the house instead (thank you Marie Kondo!) and I’m hoping that doing something useful will at least ease my conscience over not being creative!

    • Yeeeesssssss! I’m having a really hard time shaking this one off. But on the bright side my house is clean and I’m getting to read some. ?

  25. Going for a run or just getting outside help me when I’m in a rut. I was at that point myself today so reading your ideas have helped me to have some new things to try out. Thanks for sharing!

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