Celebrating Our Housiversary

What's a housiversary? The anniversary of buying your house. Take a look back on when we bought our home, and find out how we're celebrating today!

I’m feeling a little nostalgic this morning. We are celebrating our third housiversary! Three years ago we became first-time homeowners. Today we are giving our home some love. When my husband got out of the military we found ourselves between homes. He was starting a new job and needed to…

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Why I HATE Spring

Spring is beautiful. The weather warms up, everything around us thaws out and turns green. I hate it. But before you start judging me, come read why.

Spring is beautiful. The weather warms up. Everything thaws out from the hard winter freezes and turns green. The flowers bloom. The birds are happily chirping away. It paints a pretty picture in your mind, no? I hate it. I feel a little Grinchy saying that, but it’s true. Bah…

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Twins & Teething

From crankiness to drooling to chomping down on everything, teething is no joke. These are my best tips to help mommas survive twins and teething.

There is one word I know that can strike fear into many mothers’ hearts: teething. Whether you’re a new mom with your first baby, or an experienced mom with your tenth baby, it doesn’t matter. Teething is awful. It just plain sucks. For you and definitely for your little ones.…

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Rainy Day Activities

25 low-prep indoor rainy day activities to keep your kids (toddlers & older) busy and happy so the whole family doesn't go crazy being stuck inside.

Cabin fever has set in! The weather has been pouring down on us for almost a week straight. We’ve had flash flood watches and warnings all week, so going anywhere has been pretty much out of the question. Being stuck in the house with three rambunctious kids and a stir-crazy…

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The Benefits of Cutting Back on TV

One day I got tired of the family watching so much television, so I turned it off.These are the benefits I've found for cutting back on tv.

I’m not gonna lie – the television at our house is probably on more than it’s off. I think it’s there more for my sanity than for the kids’ viewing pleasure. However, I’m trying something new – we’re cutting back on TV. No TV on Sundays or in the afternoons.…

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Discover the Dinosaurs

Discover the Dinosaurs was perfect for our first family adventure this year. Find out what's so great about it, and why this event is worth the road trip!

With three kids, it can be a little difficult and overwhelming to get out of the house sometimes. That’s why one of our family goals this year is to get out for some awesome adventures at least once a month. Our first trip: Discover the Dinosaurs. It’s no secret that…

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