Celebrating Our Housiversary

What's a housiversary? The anniversary of buying your house. Take a look back on when we bought our home, and find out how we're celebrating today!

What's a housiversary? The anniversary of buying your house. Take a look back on when we bought our home, and find out how we're celebrating today!

I’m feeling a little nostalgic this morning. We are celebrating our third housiversary! Three years ago we became first-time homeowners. Today we are giving our home some love.

When my husband got out of the military we found ourselves between homes. He was starting a new job and needed to go to training in another state (nowhere near any family) for a couple months before he would be going to his actual job location. So I packed up our three-month-old son (with some amazing help from my mom and Hub’s dad) and went home to family. 

After a few months of training and a visit home, he finally made it out here to Arkansas, and we decided that I would stay with our family in Texas until we found a home. Let me tell you a few things about that: 1- Talk about lighting a fire to get things done! I loved staying with my mom, but I was ready for my son and I to be back with Hubs. Long distance is for the birds. 2- It’s really hard to shop for houses when you’re not there. I was permanently glued to every realty website and app I could find. I’d look up houses, send the info to Hubs, and he’d go look. It took a little over a month to find this one, and then another month for all the paperwork, but finally it was time to sign papers.

My mom, brother, and I drove up here the night before. We had been away from Hubs for two and a half months at that point (since his last visit home), and I’m not sure who was happier that night: me, Hubs, or our son. The smile on Monster’s face when he got his daddy back just melted me. 

What's a housiversary? The anniversary of buying your house. Take a look back on when we bought our home, and find out how we're celebrating today!

The day we became homeowners, we woke up, went to the bank, and signed the papers. After that I finally got to go see our new home. That’s right, I never saw it until after we signed. Everyone thought I was crazy for letting Hubs pick the house and signing the papers before I even saw it. But we had talked so much about what we wanted that I knew he wouldn’t disappoint me.

As soon as I saw our home, I fell in love with it. It looks small and quaint from the front, but it has add-ons in the back that make the house huge. Our house is not perfect, and it’s not brand new. But it is exactly what we need. We have plenty of room to grow (not to add more people, but room for the kids to get bigger), and to run and dance. We have a gas fireplace to keep us warm and cozy in the winter. We even have a bar in the living room. Our kitchen has more cabinets and counter space than I’ve ever seen in a house. Every room has its own built-in storage. The layout is amazing.

What's a housiversary? The anniversary of buying your house. Take a look back on when we bought our home, and find out how we're celebrating today!

There are so many projects I want to do if I had the time and money. I’d replace this brown floor. Paint a few more of the rooms (that’s easy enough). I’d love to have new doors and energy-efficient windows. We could use a new garage door, and maybe a new refrigerator. I’d love to replace the countertops in the kitchen. Paint the walls in the garage, and fix up the shelving. Replace the boards on the back deck. Are there any homeowners who don’t have a giant to-do list or wish list?

When I look at our house, I look past all of its imperfections. I don’t see ugly brown tile in the dining room; I see where all three of our children learned to take their first steps. Instead of the roughly textured hallway wall, I see the sweet look on my son’s face after I kissed his booboo better every time he ran into that wall. (I swear that wall has a magnet in it, I lost count of how many times he’s run into it.) The purple paint stain in the carpet reminds me of how excited we were when I was pregnant with the twins (and how difficult it was to get around or do anything after 28 weeks). 

So how does one celebrate a housiversary? By showing the house some love! I’ll be spending today scrubbing, cleaning, and decluttering. Tonight we’ll have a nice dinner, and make a toast to the house that made us homeowners.

What’s your favorite way to show your home some love? Do you celebrate your housiversary? Tell me how! 

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  1. Congrats on the housiversary! It’s always special to look back on all the memories that have been made in a home and to even think about all the memories that are still to come. 🙂
    Cara recently posted…Easy Weeknight Taco PastaMy Profile

  2. I think it’s amazing that you found a house without actually seeing it. Since you were military I bet your biggest relief when finding a home was finally feeling settled and having something to call yours. Long distance does suck, and I never get used to it.
    Healing Mama recently posted…Overweight and Pregnant:How To Control Weight GainMy Profile

    • Yes! I can paint my walls any color I want, and I don’t need to get approval first! And every once in a while I still get that itch to move because we’ve never been in one place for so long.

  3. I love those ‘starter homes’ and all the projects. Enjoy your space to make memories with your beautiful family!
    Chrissa – Physical Kitchness recently posted…Why I Broke Up with My ScaleMy Profile

  4. Awe. Happy Housiversary! We’ve been in our house almost 4 years. Actually, my husband moved in first because I was on bedrest with the twins, and didn’t even get to move in after we bought it until a month later. Our list is long too, but I love the area we live in, and I love that this is where we’ve all been a family. Sounds like you’ve made some great memories and will continue to.
    Shann Eva recently posted…Gracelynn’s StoryMy Profile

  5. Congratulations on your housiversary! Our 1 year housiversary will be in June and I can’t believe it’ll be a year already!

  6. Congrats on three years! We’re coming up on our first anniversary too. It’s so exciting!

  7. Aww, happy 3 years of home ownership to you! Trusting your husband to pick the house based on visiting it by himself is definitely brave of you! Great that the house has been just what your family needs!
    Rachel recently posted…Visiting the Mainland: Bukit Merah Laketown ResortMy Profile

    • Thank you, Nicole! There’s only so much I could tell about the house from the pictures, and after that it was just a LOT of trust. 🙂

  8. We bought our house similarly! We looked online while hubby was at army training on the east coast and I was still in California. He drove through Texas on his way back, and looked at the houses we were interested in, and picked one. Then we did all the paperwork from California and I didn’t see my first house until the day we moved in!! Interesting how we have similar journeys! I always saw things that needed fixing with that house. Then we bought this huger (totally a word) house and now I kind of miss the smaller, more manageable first house we had heh.
    Julie recently posted…Learn Social Media for Direct Sellers or EntrepreneursMy Profile

    • Oh Julie, that’s so funny! It’s neat to hear that someone else had a similar experience! And I know we won’t live here forever, but there are things about this house I love that I’m afraid I won’t find in any other house.

  9. I’m jealous you have your own place! We’ve moved around a bit, so for now, we’re renting. Congrats on the housiversary and you must really trust your husband! Though, I told my husband to put in an offer on our first home before I had seen it, because it was NYC and very competitive!
    Lana recently posted…Field Notes doodle downloadMy Profile

  10. Congrats!! I cannot wait until my husband gets out of the Marine Corps and we can purchase a home and really settle down. I dream of that day. December 1, 2018. I already have that countdown and secretly look at homes online in my spare time haha
    Keating recently posted…24.My Profile

    • Thanks, Keating! And I remember that time well! “Only 835 more days until we’re out…” lol Have fun looking at houses! I did that all the time!

  11. Congratulations on the housiversary! I don’t own a house yet but celebrating the place you call home is such a great idea 🙂 I am so glad you found a cozy place for your family.. There will always be a better house, a better location, a better alot of things but it’s what we do with the place that matters. And I can see you have created so many wonderful memories. Wishing you many more years of happiness 🙂 have a great day!

    Monika | http://www.palateforstyle.com

    • Thank you, Monika! I agree, there’s probably something out there that’s better, but for now I’m content with what we have. ?

  12. I love this! <3 Happy housiversary guys! I will be celebrating our 1st ever housiversary this summer. You painted a beautiful picture of your house as a HOME and it is so sweet.
    Erin recently posted…How Rich Are Your Habits?My Profile

  13. Happy Housiversary! You all look so happy. It’s amazing what a place called home can do for the soul. We have done a lot of renos to our place and are nowhere near done, but it’s coming along.
    Tori recently posted…The Shift Working Mom and The Child Care ConundrumMy Profile

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