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I have been serious about losing weight for two months now. That is 62 days of dieting and exercise (minus a few cheat days here and there). It’s hard to stay motivated sometimes. I get tired of the diet, I miss junk food, and I really miss lazy days. So how do I keep going? I made this handy little DIY weight-loss tracker.

This weight-loss tracker kept me motivated to lose 19 pounds in 2 months! It's the perfect addition to your planner or bullet journal! #alliInMyLife [ad]

I’m a total planner addict, so I wanted to make something pretty for my fitness planner. I am also a visual person, and I need to see progress. I see smaller numbers on the scale, but the physical changes are so gradual it’s hard to see them every day. I love seeing progress on paper, and that’s where this weight-loss tracker comes in. Every time I lose a pound, I get to color in a square.

It reminds me of a kids’ board game, and the stickers and washi give it a whimsical feel. Whatever adds in a little extra fun, right? Plus, I can see my planned rewards, and that’s always a little extra kick in the butt to get going.

How to Make Your Own DIY Weight-Loss Tracker

You don’t need many supplies to make this, and what you do need is inexpensive. (I love crafty projects that don’t break the bank!)

Supplies | This weight-loss tracker kept me motivated to lose 19 pounds in 2 months! It's the perfect addition to your planner or bullet journal! #alliInMyLife [ad]

  • Graph paper. I actually didn’t have any on hand, but my printer has pre-made forms. With a few button taps I had graph paper printed onto cardstock to make it a little more durable.
  • Paper cutter (if your paper isn’t the same size as your planner).
  • A fine-tipped permanent marker. You won’t want it to bleed and run everywhere when you color over it later.
  • Decorations! I used some washi tape and stickers.
  • Hole punch. If your graph paper isn’t already punched, you’ll want to do that so you can add it to your planner.
  • Your planner or bullet journal! Or another way to display this amazing work of art you’re about to create.
  • Markers or colored pencils to color in all those squares.

Step 1

Cut your paper down to the size you need for your planner. Since I use a Happy Planner, I cut my paper down to 7” x 9.25”.

Step 2

Figure out how many squares you’ll need for your path. Start with the number of pounds you want to lose (for me that’s 32), add in extras for planned rewards (every five pounds, so +6 squares), and add two extra squares for the start and the finish. So I needed a total of 40 squares.

Step 3

This is the step where you get to play with your creativity! Using your permanent marker, start drawing your path. I made my squares outline a 3×3 grid on the graph paper. Draw one 3×3 square at a time, and wind your path across the paper, up and down, around it, however you want it to go. If you want to experiment a little, you might use a pencil on a spare piece of graph paper before you reach for the permanent marker. (Total honesty: it took me a few tries with the pencil before I got this to look the way I wanted!)

This weight-loss tracker kept me motivated to lose 19 pounds in 2 months! It's the perfect addition to your planner or bullet journal! #alliInMyLife [ad]

Step 4

Now that you have your path drawn, we need to fill in your squares. In the very first square write “Start Here.” Then number the squares 1 to however many pounds you want to lose, and skip the squares where you have planned rewards. For instance, since I’m giving myself a reward every five pounds, I number the squares 1-5, skip one, 6-10, and then so on. In the last square write “goal,” or “I did it!” or something fun. Now you can go back and fill in those last few blank squares with your rewards. For losing 5 and 10 pounds, I rewarded myself with washi tape, a new sticker book for 15 pounds, etc. You can read all about planned rewards in my Fitness Success Plan workbook that I made for the before post here.

Step 5

It’s time to decorate! Add some washi tape, give it a title (I called mine Lose It!), and add some stickers. I found some pretty decorative stickers at Walmart, and I used some stickers from my fitness planner. I also used a washi tape hack I mentioned in this post about planner decoration.

This weight-loss tracker kept me motivated to lose 19 pounds in 2 months! It's the perfect addition to your planner or bullet journal! #alliInMyLife [ad]

Step 6

Punch holes in it and add it to your fitness planner. You could also frame it (without the glass cover) and hang it on the wall. Tape it to your fridge. Put it somewhere you’ll see it when you need a little extra encouragement.

Every time you lose a pound, color in a square. Don’t worry about how long it takes you to color in the full path. As long as you are making progress, that’s what matters.

So what does mine look like all colored in after two months of hard work? Are you wondering how much progress I’ve made? Before I tell you, let’s flash back. Two months ago I stood on the scale and wanted to cry because it was the highest non-pregnancy weight I’d ever seen. Here’s my progress so far:

This weight-loss tracker kept me motivated to lose 19 pounds in 2 months! It's the perfect addition to your planner or bullet journal! #alliInMyLife [ad]

Nineteen pounds down! Nineteen**!!! And my after photos:

Before & after! | This weight-loss tracker kept me motivated to lose 19 pounds in 2 months! It's the perfect addition to your planner or bullet journal! #alliInMyLife [ad]

Let me tell you, it’s a lot easier to share these than it was to share to the before photos! I had no idea there was such a difference until I put them side by side. My clothes fit better, and I feel amazing already. I still have 13 pounds to go, but I’m so happy with my progress. See that smile? That’s the face of someone with her lowest weight in a really long time!

How I Lost 19 Pounds in Two Months**

I followed my fitness success plan. I ate healthy foods, and I drank a ton of water. My Fitbit has been keeping me moving constantly, and I’ve been making an extra effort to get in some workouts (walking, spinning, and yoga).

As I mentioned in my before post, I’ve also been taking alli® weight loss aid. It’s the only over-the-counter weight-loss aid approved by the FDA. I take one capsule with my meals (containing less than 15g of fat), and it blocks up to 25% of the fat from being absorbed by my body. For every 5-10 pounds lost, alli® weight loss aid helps lose an additional 2-3 more*. The startup guide explained everything I needed to know. At the end of the day I take a vitamin. You can find it at Walmart when you’re grabbing your pretty stickers!

alli® weight loss aid has made me a lot more aware of how much fat I actually consume in a day. Now when I prepare meals, I flip the package over to check how much fat is in each ingredient. I’m learning how to cut back or make substitutions (low-fat dairy products, lean meats, etc.). I’m okay with this because it’s all part of adapting to a healthier lifestyle. That’s what’s important in the long run.

And of course, this weight-loss tracker has been an amazing encouragement for me. Every morning when I get to color another square, a jolt of joy runs straight through me. I may not notice the physical changes every day because they’re so gradual, but I can see how close I’m getting to reaching my goal when I look at this tracker.

What’s your favorite way to track your success? Tell me below in the comments, and then grab this alli® weight loss aid coupon, and go get what you need to get started on your weight-loss journey! And I’d love to see the weight-loss tracker that you make!


*alli® (orlistat 60 mg capsules) weight loss aid is for weight loss in overweight adults, 18 years and older, when used along with a reduced-calorie and low-fat diet. Follow label directions.
**In studies, most people lost 5-10 pounds over 6 months

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  1. I love your goal tracker and I love that it’s a little road map board game style! Yay for rewards too. Why didn’t I think of giving myself rewards? Hah. Well, 19 pounds is certainly a huge thing to celebrate so let’s celebrate! *Throws confetti*

  2. I seriously just wish it would come off as easy as it goes on! Great tips you shared!!!

  3. pretty charts! Well done girl! I’ve tried losing a bit too, I eat more salads and try eating less at night. It’s hard to be consistent!
    kid can doodle recently posted…Drawn Out : Charles SantosoMy Profile

    • Thank you! The consistent part is hard. I’ll get tired of dieting, so I fall off the wagon and have a difficult time starting again. I’m really hoping I can stay focused and finish this!

  4. This is such a brilliant idea! I’m totally going to make on to help reach my fitness goal! Thanks heaps for the idea.

    Adventures in Aussieland

  5. This is awesome! I will have to make one after my baby comes.

  6. You look great! Keep up the good work!

  7. Amazing job! I love that you set a goal and you are working your way to it! Love this idea too 🙂

  8. This is such a fun and creative way to track your weight loss goals, I want to make a chart like this!

  9. What a cute idea! I am a visual person too, so something like this is perfect for me!
    Willow recently posted…Roasted Tomato BruschettaMy Profile

    • Thanks, Willow! The whole diet thing isn’t much fun, but the visual aspect of this tracker adds a little flair! 🙂

  10. Congratulations! I love your planner, its a nice visual!
    xx nicole

  11. I love this idea! Like you, I am a very visual person and need to actually SEE my progress. Usually I just write a standard “Weight Loss Chart”, but this is a much better idea. I’m going to pick up the supplies tomorrow and make it on Saturday, just in time to begin my weight loss program. Thanks so much!

  12. Great job! And super cute planner!! Love the colors..I’m very visual too 🙂

  13. I love the tracker! I am going to make me one. You look amazing! Keep it up!

  14. Stop it!! First of all, way to go mama!! You are KILLING your goal and I love that! Second, what a fantastically cute way of visually tracking your progress. I think I will have to do this!! Thank you!

  15. You are so inspiring! Way to go!! Keep up the great work. This tracker is GENIUS!

    • Thank you so much, Chrissa! 🙂 I really want moms to know that anyone can do this if they set their minds to it. I’m not doing any crazy workouts or spending too much time at the gym. I’m doing what everyone can do!

  16. I am so gonna make one of these for my Happy Planner. I just bought my first Happy Planner last month and I love it. I am down 52 lbs. and have about 40 lbs. more to go. I can’t wait to make a weight tracker. I’m a visual person too. Congrats on your weight loss!

    • First of all, yay Happy Planner! More importantly, that is amazing progress! You’re over halfway there, and you’ve totally got this! I hope this tracker helps keep you going! 🙂

  17. After 120 lbs lost with another 100 to go I needed a little inspiration. Ok ok…a LOT of inspiration. You did it for me, Samantha. Dug through my craft cave for supplies and I am raring to go. Many thanks for the push!

    • That is incredible, Debbie! Good for you! It’s the little things like this that keep me going when I feel stuck or uninspired, so I really hope this helps you, too! I’d love to see your tracker! Keep going, Debbie, you can do this!!

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  20. i love how fun this makes weight loss! this is such a great idea. you look great and so happy <3

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