7 Essential Tips for Drinking Enough Water

We all know we need to drink 8 cups daily for our health, but how is it possible if you don't like it or forget? Here are 7 tips for drinking enough water.

We all know we need to drink 8 cups daily for our health, but how is it possible if you don't like it or forget? Here are 7 tips for drinking enough water.When I was pregnant with our son, he was due in July. Have you ever been hugely pregnant in the middle of summer? Let me tell you, it’s miserable. I was on the edge of being diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, and I was still working (retail, on my feet all day long). My doctor recommended that I drink a gallon of water a day to stay hydrated. A gallon! Who drinks that much water, and how?!

I’ve also read so many articles lately stating that if you want to lose weight, drink half of your weight in ounces. So if you weigh 150 pounds, you should be drinking 75 ounces of water every day. Add in extra for workouts, and you’re looking at a lot of water to drink.

Regardless of your reasons, it’s essential for your health that you are drinking plenty of water. One of my goals this year is to get healthier and stay hydrated. A lot of people responded by saying that they just couldn’t drink that much water. They either forgot during the day, or didn’t like it. So far I’ve been doing pretty good getting the minimum 8 cups, but I’m trying to increase it some. This is what has been working for me:

Essential Tips for Drinking Enough Water:

Keep a water bottle with you at all times.

I carry around a water bottle all the time. It holds almost 25 ounces. It goes to the kitchen with me when I cook, to the office when I work, and to my nightstand when I sleep. Basically everywhere I go. I’m more likely to reach for it if I’ve got it with me, rather than if I had to get up and go find something to drink.

Find a temperature that you like.

Some people are very picky about the temperature of their water. When I was pregnant, I only wanted really cold water. So I’d have the bottle I was drinking from, and another chilling in the fridge. Now I’m less picky. But if you like the colder water, get an insulated bottle, find some ice, do whatever it takes to make drinking water acceptable.

Set a goal and keep track.

Figure out how much water you want to drink every day and make that your goal. Keep track of it throughout the day. Make tally marks on a piece of paper, or find an app (there’s an app for everything!). I track my water in my Fitbit app and in my planner. Every time I finish a bottle, I log it in. When I reach my goal I get an awesome star that day.

Add it to your to-do list.

If you live and breathe by your to-do list, add drink water on there. Several times. Then when you reference your list throughout the day, you get a nice reminder. Plus, it’s nice to cross off something on the list that takes zero effort.

Drink one cup of water every hour you’re awake.

If you want to drink a lot of water, but the amount of water seems intimidating, space it out. Most days I get up by 6, and I go to bed around 10. If I drink one cup every hour, that gives me the opportunity to drink 16 cups of water. Will I actually drink that much? Oh goodness no. I’d drown myself. But that does make it seem much more manageable when I break it down into smaller chunks. As I’m doing things throughout the day, it doesn’t seem so bad to sip on the water I’ve got handy and drink a cup an hour.

Set smaller goals during the day.

If you don’t want to drink a glass of water every hour, set smaller goals throughout the day. For instance, have three cups done by 11 a.m., another three cups by 4 p.m., and that leaves you the rest of the afternoon and evening to drink two cups. That seems totally doable, right?

Make it taste good.

If you don’t like the plain flavor of water (it gets boring), add some flavor to it. Infuse it with some fruit and herbs. Add a mix-in like low-calorie lemonade, or the squeezable flavors. 

We all know we’re supposed to drink a lot of water every day. There are too many health benefits to even list here. But with life happening, it’s easy to forget about it. Hopefully these tips will help you. So whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain a healthy pregnancy, or just simply live a healthier life, drink your water! 

Do you have any great tips for drinking enough water? Tell me below in the comments!

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  1. I’ve been struggling with getting enough water lately. We’ve been traveling and it’s so hard. However, the after effects suck. I start to get headaches and tired. This is a great post!
    Healing Mama recently posted…Mommy Mental Health ChecklistMy Profile

    • It’s so hard when you’re traveling! You can keep drinking water like you’re supposed to, but then you end up stopping every five minutes. I have no solutions for that! ?

  2. This is a brilliant post. I especially like the tip to drink a cup each hour you’re awake – that can really help remember most of the time and get a lot of check marks on your tracker.
    Julie S @ Fab Working Mom Life recently posted…Gratitude and Goals May 27, 2016 #GratitudeGoalsMy Profile

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