Family Hooky Day

Every once in a while you need to tell your to-do list NO, and have a family hooky day. Get out of the house, take a break from the routine, and have fun!

Every once in a while you need to tell your to-do list NO, and have a family hooky day. Get out of the house, take a break from the routine, and have fun!

If you know me at all, you know I’m am a stickler for our routine and schedule. I get a little antsy when we veer too far off course from it, because with three kids under 4, that’s just asking for chaos. As the girls are getting a little older, I like to think that I’m getting a little more lenient on this self-proclaimed policy, that I’m not quite as strict about it. You can only be ruled by the routine for so long before you need out. Some days beg to be different. That’s where family hooky days come in.

A family hooky day is when no one goes to work, and you have an adventure. You get out of the house, away from the ordinary. If you do it during the week (which I HIGHLY recommend), the crowds are much smaller, so it’s a little easier dealing with your little ones in public.

Last Friday it just so happened that Hubs didn’t have any clients to go visit for work, so we had a free day! There are a million things on our to-do lists that we probably needed to do, but instead we loaded up the kids into the car, and got away from it all. 

First, we drove south to Louisiana to have lunch at one of my favorite restaurants: Whataburger! Yes, there are a ton of fast food burger places to eat at, and it’s not the healthiest food in the world. But I’m convinced that Whataburger cures homesickness. (If you grew up in Texas and moved away, you’ll understand that.) 

The kids loved it! They had nothing but smiles and full mouths. It was the girls’ first time there, so I tried to document it with some photos. I wanted to take a picture of my burger, but it disappeared too fast (but it was soooooo delicious!). SweetPea was a little too busy looking around at everything, so she didn’t want to smile for the camera (unusual since she’s such a ham). 

Every once in a while you need to tell your to-do list NO, and have a family hooky day. Get out of the house, take a break from the routine, and have fun!

Then we hopped back in the car, and drove over to the next city for some much needed retail therapy. Nothing too crazy. I had to hit up a Michael’s craft store for a planner I was DYING to get my hands on (more about that one later). We went to a pet store to look at all the cute little animals, and our son decided we need a new puppy. Sorry kid, NOT gonna happen right now. Our house is full. 

On the way home, I just felt so lucky. I’m married to an awesome man that played hooky to make me and the kids happy. And we have three amazing children who went the ENTIRE day with no tears, crying, screaming, fits, or tantrums (that’s a miracle right there!). Seriously, the whole day! I still can’t believe it. I’m pretty sure they used up an entire month’s worth of good behavior in a matter of hours. I’m okay with that; we had a great day!

Every once in a while you need to tell your to-do list NO, and have a family hooky day. Get out of the house, take a break from the routine, and have fun!

Family hooky days are amazing. They don’t have to be anything over the top (unless that’s what you want), and they can be either planned or impulsive. But if you can, you have to do one. Some days you need to tell your to-do list to shove it. Some days you need to tell your routine “no thank you.” Break from the ordinary. Get out into the world.

Have you had a family hooky day? Tell me about it below in the comments!

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  1. What a fun day! My mom used to let me stay home from school every now and then, even when I wasn’t sick, for a fun day together : )
    Lindsay recently posted…The Cool Club You Need to Be InMy Profile

  2. Every family needs to getaway and have a fun adventure sometimes! My parents worked hard, and I’m sure raising the 7 of us made for a busy life–but to this day I still remember days like the one where mom canceled school (we were homeschooled), and took us all to see The Emperor’s New Groove at the movie theater. “hooky days” are pretty awesome.

  3. OMG I totally get the Whataburger comment. Awesome that you got to enjoy a fun family day 🙂
    Julie S. recently posted…7 Workplace Health Hacks for Working MomsMy Profile

  4. Neely (@Neelykins)

    Lets see if I can talk my husband into doing this with me one day

  5. Such a fun idea! 🙂 I love going to the pet store just to look at the animals. I call it “the free zoo!” hehe 🙂
    Erin recently posted…When Good Parenting Advice is BullshitMy Profile

  6. When I was little my mom would let my sister and I have 2 “mental health” days – days that we could take off from school just to recharge. I used to love those days because I’d get to spend them with my mom!
    Dana recently posted…Motivation MondayMy Profile

    • That’s what my mom did, too! While the kids are young, we’ll have family hooky days, but I can’t wait for them to get older and have real hooky days together. 🙂

  7. This sounds like a lot of fun! I think it is so good for the family to have days like this. Your kids are adorable and I can’t wait to hear about your planner!
    healing mama recently posted…Marriage Fitness : What To Do When Date Night Is ImpossibleMy Profile

  8. This is so great. We recently went on a mini vacation to a hotel with a waterpark inside and we loved getting away from the Daily grind! Much needed!
    Tori recently posted…Everyday Heroes Who Help Moms Avoid The Epic Public MeltdownMy Profile

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