Family Traditions Bullet Journal Spread

I am such a huge fan of family traditions! Nothing makes the holidays (or any time of year for that matter) feel more special than making new traditions and passing on old family traditions to the newest generation. This time of year is ripe with so many of our favorites that I had to make a new collection to celebrate everything: my family traditions bullet journal spread!

Your bullet journal is a great place to keep track of traditions, so why not make a family traditions bullet journal spread? Get ideas & inspiration here!

If you’re not familiar with bullet journaling check out my beginner’s guide here!

Making Your Own Family Traditions Bullet Journal Spread

To design your own family traditions spread, make a list of traditions you want to commemorate. Mine were:

  • Steak dinner for our anniversary.
  • Beef stew for dinner on Halloween. (Here’s my recipe and why it’s one of my favorite traditions!)
  • Pumpkin pie for breakfast on Thanksgiving (my mom started that one for my brother and I when I was a baby, and I’m so excited about continuing it with my kids now!).
  • Elf pockets. Another one my mom started when we were kids that I’m continuing.
  • Dinovember. Quite possibly my son’s favorite.
  • Enjoying mimosas while we open our Christmas presents (here’s my favorite recipe with our secret ingredient).
  • Opening stockings on Christmas Eve.
  • And listening to Christmas music while we put up our tree.

Need some ideas for your traditions? Check out these Thanksgiving traditions for any family!

If you know when the traditions started, make note of that, too. It’s so neat to see how long some of these traditions have been going on!

Then make an illustration that represents your traditions, write the tradition inside it (or next to it), and then color it in. Easy peasy! And I love how this looks!

Your bullet journal is a great place to keep track of traditions, so why not make a family traditions bullet journal spread? Get ideas & inspiration here!

A Few Tips!

  • Definitely practice on a scrap paper to get the feel of your illustrations and how you want to lay it out.

Your bullet journal is a great place to keep track of traditions, so why not make a family traditions bullet journal spread? Get ideas & inspiration here!

  • When you draw it in your actual bullet journal, sketch it in with pencil first, then go back and trace over it with a pen or marker. (I used a black Staedtler fine liner.) Don’t forget to erase the pencil marks before coloring your illustrations. Drawing in pencil first saved me a huge amount of headaches; I had a few false starts with some of these drawings.
  • Leave a little white space. You don’t have to fill in the whole spread now. This gives you time to add more traditions as time passes. It also gives you room to edit or revise some traditions – hence my double Christmas trees. When Hubs and I were first married, we started watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation while we put up our tree. Then our son started helping, and he’s a little echo and repeats every single thing he hears (and then his sisters echo that!). So now that tradition has evolved to listening to Christmas music while we put up the tree!

Your bullet journal is a great place to keep track of traditions, so why not make a family traditions bullet journal spread? Get ideas & inspiration here!

  • You don’t have to limit this to Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions. Do you have any back-to-school or spring time traditions? Toss those in, too!

Don’t think you can draw?

I told myself this, too. For many years I never doodled or did any drawings because I told myself I was horrible at it. So here are a few ways to get around this:

  • Cut images out of magazines and make it like a collage.
  • Print something! You can always print your illustrations and paste them into your bujo.
  • Draw cute shapes or squares instead of illustrations to put around your traditions.
  • Make a chart or list-style spread. It doesn’t have to be illustrated. You can always decorate it with stickers and washi. Or you can keep it minimalist and not decorate at all – that’s fine, too!
  • Give yourself the benefit of the doubt, and just try. You might get a pleasant surprise. Look for inspiration or how-to’s on Pinterest and YouTube. While I was doing this, most of my Pinterest searches looked like “how to draw pie…” There’s nothing wrong with that!

My family traditions bullet journal spread is quickly becoming my favorite collection in my bullet journal! I love how it turned out. Bullet journaling is really bringing out the creativity in me.

What traditions will you commemorate with your family traditions bullet journal spread? Will you illustrate yours? Tell me below in the comments!

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  1. What a great fun idea to preserve all those family traditions. Going to do this.
    candy recently posted…Blogging Grandmothers Link Party #4My Profile

  2. This is so cute! All I keep thinking is my illustrations would not be as cute as yours but then I saw your tip about the collage and that would be so fun to do as a family! Great idea!

    Elizabeth Ann //

  3. Love how you have little unique family traditions! Something special you do, what a fun thing to record (and so beautifully doodled) in your journal!
    Julie recently posted…The Best Natural Cough Suppressant Remedy to Stop the Cough InstantlyMy Profile

  4. This is awesome! I never knew people could be so creative with their bullet journaling!

  5. Aw, this is so special. I love the idea of documenting traditions because, as families grow and/or move around, its hard to keep traditions the same year after year. So, it’s special to keep them somewhere so you can stumble upon them in years to come!

  6. Awesome post! 🙂 I totally love making new traditions and I am looking forward to making some new ones and passing them on to the next generation. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your journal pages are super cute! This seems like a wonderful way to record traditions. Thank you for sharing!

  8. I’ve thought of making a mommy journal…I think I have bits and bobs in notebooks everywhere…

  9. I am in love with your bullet journal! And impressed with your artistic talent. I’ve never seen it like this but I love how I could look back through my posts and see pictures and instead of reading my terrible hand writing.

    • Aww! Thanks, Sarah! I never really thought I had artistic talent until I started bullet journaling, and now I can’t stop! My doodles aren’t perfect, but I love them 🙂

  10. This is so special and so sweet! 🙂 You are TOTALLY an artist by the way! I am loving your doodles! 🙂
    Erin @ Stay at Home Yogi recently posted…Inspiration To Help You Set The Best Goals For An Amazing 2017!My Profile

  11. Patricia Carroll

    Do you ever have printables?

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