9 Impromptu Weekend Activities

Looking for something fun and easy this weekend to break you out of a rut? Here are 9 ideas that are great for the whole family!

Looking for something fun and easy this weekend to break you out of a rut? Here are 9 ideas that are great for the whole family!

Before we had kids I took for granted how easy it was to get out of the house spontaneously. Want to go out to dinner? See a movie? No problem. Then we had Monster. That complicated matters some, but not too badly. Now we have three kids and two different schedules to work around. Not to mention getting everything ready. It takes so much planning, preparation, and finger crossing. Let’s just say it’s a huge hassle.

The down side is that we don’t get out nearly as often as we used to. Our days have been consumed by feeding babies, making sure everyone naps, and trying to keep up with basic chores around the house. Then the weekends get closer and we always try to make plans to do something fun and unusual, but it never seems worth all the effort. However, I’m determined to break the cycle. This weekend we will do something fun and different. I’ve come up with nine weekend activities that will be easy to do on a whim. They take as little planning and preparation as possible. With this list, we should be set for a few weeks!

1. Board Game

I know some of you may be rolling your eyes, but there’s nothing like a board game to get the competitive spark going between my husband and me. We take turns picking which game to play. When he starts winning too many games, I choose Scrabble and turn the odds back in my favor.

2. Picnic

We all have to eat lunch. Why not just put it on paper plates and take it outside? If the weather isn’t agreeable find somewhere in your house. Push back the furniture, and throw a blanket on the floor.

3. Organize a Room

This one doesn’t sound nearly as fun, but a simple home project can be a good family bonding experience. And the end result always makes me feel happy. Pick one room in your house. Get rid of all the old clutter and maybe rearrange the furniture a little. Next weekend pick a different room. Before you know it your house will have a new, fresh feeling.

4. Go to the Park

This works out well for everyone, parents and kids. Everyone gets a little exercise, and the kids get worn out. Not to mention all that fresh air! Unfortunately, our local park is under construction, but as soon as it’s open again we are so there!

5. Bake Cookies

Not only do you get to have fun baking the cookies, but then you get to eat them! I have always enjoyed baking, but baking with my son is so much more fun. He was always afraid of my KitchenAid mixer until his grandma got him to add flour into the bowl. Now he loves it. You don’t even have to make cookies from scratch. Get a package of cookie dough from the grocery store. Monster loves putting the dough on the cookie sheet.

6. Bubbles. Bubbles. Bubbles!

This boy loves bubbles. He can spend hours chasing them. And I can spend hours watching him laugh and run. We’ve even been known to do bubbles in the kitchen on rainy days. We are in serious need of a bubble machine around here.

7. Build a Fort

How much fun would it be to pull off all the couch cushions, push together the dining chairs, and throw a sheet over the whole thing? So much fun! I’ve seen some on Pinterest where people get fancy and build forts from PVC pipes, but today we’re sticking with simple and easy. (Unless you want to go all complicated, in which case, be my guest!)

8. Nature Walk

It’s that beautiful time of year when the leaves are changing and falling. Go for a quick stroll around the block and pick up some cool leaves and sticks. Bonus: When you get home, get out some plain paper and glue to make a collage.

9. Netflix/Movie Marathon

I left this one for last because it’s something we do quite often. Pick a TV show on Netflix and binge watch it. We usually stick to sitcoms or cooking shows during the day because the language isn’t too bad (our son is a little echo!) and they aren’t gory like the crime dramas we love. Or you can pick a movie franchise. How many Marvel movies can you watch in one day?

This is just the beginning. When Saturday rolls around we’ve got some ideas in our arsenal and a place to start. I know there are many more easy and cheap things to do on the fly. Tell me in the comments below what some of your favorite weekend activities are!


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  1. We love bubbles too! It’s always a big thing in my household when we break out the soap solution and play chase out in the gardens 🙂

  2. I absolutely love this. Wednesday night is a designated game night in our household. We are currently addicted to heads up. It’s absolutely fun to play and silly on replay when we watch it back. My husband and I also love to have picnics. We are both lovers of nature, so a lot of the times on our once a month date we end up in our state park hiking or laying on a blanket munching on some food and playing cards. Great post and ideas!


  3. Great list! We love board games in our home. Right now it is mostly my husband and I who play them (and friends) since our kids are sooo small. I look forward to when my kids are big enough to join in on the fun

  4. great ideas! #bloggingboostmombloggers

  5. Thanks for this weekend activities. It’s getting cold and I don’t want to go outside. Besides, board games is one of my favorite; now just have to find some new one’s that a 3 year old can play. Great tips

    • I forget it’s already getting cold in some parts of the country! It’s just getting comfortable outside here in the south!

  6. Great list! Parks, Picnics and Netflixs marathons are some of our families favourites.

  7. Good ideas for parents. Easy and fun for the kids.

  8. I love an impromptu board game session! Great list.

  9. All great ideas! We are currently shut in our house because it’s flooded all over Charleston where I live. Today, we watched movies all day. We’re totally pulling out the board games tomorrow!

  10. These are great ideas! I bet my 8 month old would get the biggest kick out of bubbles. We will have to try them soon.

  11. Well- the organize a room thing I think we have down… to the point my husband threatens me when I mention organizing, reorganizing, or rearranging anything in our house! HAHA 🙂 Great ideas!!!

  12. Great reminder that activates don’t have to be grand… it’s just about being together.

  13. Thanks for sharing this! I have 3 munchkins too, and it’s so hard to do anything. When I do get to go out, without kids I’m shocked at the new changes of things. 🙂

  14. Baking and movies are musts on my winter weekend list. We don’t need a fort any more as our littlest got a fold up tent from my parents for Christmas.

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