Moving to a New Bullet Journal in the Middle of the Month

I finally did it! I reached the end of my berry Leuchtturm1917 journal. I’ve never used an entire journal or planner before. I always get distracted, find something new, or lose interest in it. You can understand how excited I am to be moving on to my next book – a lemon yellow LT1917. I started Berry at the end of February/beginning of March, so there was no extra stress of moving to a new bullet journal in the middle of the month. This time, however, took a few extra steps.

I want to share my moving process to help take off some of the stress for you! Some people panic at the thought of leaving things hanging or moving in the middle of the month, but this really felt so seamless for me.

These tips and tricks will help make your move into a new bullet journal feel seamless and stress-free, even in the middle of the month!

Moving to a New Bullet Journal

First thing’s first – plan ahead! Keep an eye on how many pages you have left, and how many pages you use each week. I have several pen test pages in the very back of mine, so page 236 was my last usable page. When I got to page 200, I made a new spread to plan out my move.

Details, details, details!

I listed out the details of my next journal: which one it would be (I had a few on hand), the theme or colors I would be using, and what supplies. The bright yellow cover is such a happy color that I wanted everything inside to be bright and happy. I decided to use the bright set of Tombow brush pens, some bright watercolor flower stickers from Happy Planner, and a different set of fine-liner pens for my color-coding key.

These tips and tricks will help make your move into a new bullet journal feel seamless and stress-free, even in the middle of the month!

Decide what collections to move.

I went through my index and noted what collections I would want to move over to the new bullet journal: my weight-loss tracker, blog post ideas, and a few other important lists. Just to be on the safe side, I also flipped through the journal itself to see if I missed indexing any lists, and I found one or two more that needed to be moved. I made a list of all of these on my planning pages so that I could check them off and have all of my moving info in one place.

Start with pen test pages.

My best piece of advice for starting any new journal (whether it’s your first or your tenth) is to do some pen test pages in the back. I do a small ink sample with each pen so that I know how they’ll look on the paper and if I need to worry about any ghosting or bleeding. I do this with my fine-liner pens, markers, brush pens, and fountain pens. These pages help break the ice and make an empty journal seem less intimidating.

Page 1!

One of my favorite things to do in a new journal is to pick a fun quote to put on the first page. I love to add some doodles and make it look pretty. What goes on your page 1?

Happy Quote // These tips and tricks will help make your move into a new bullet journal feel seamless and stress-free, even in the middle of the month!

Do main planning pages, next.

Set up your index pages (if your new bullet journal doesn’t already have those), your future log, and fill in any info from your previous journal. I also like setting up a 2-page spread right after my future log with a list of birthdays and anniversaries in the family. There’s no way they’d all fit on the future log, so this is another handy collection to use.

Copy your collections.

After your main planning pages are done, start copying your other spreads in whatever order you want them. Even though they’re right at the front, it’s still a good idea to make sure you add them to your index. (Need ideas for a few new collections? Here are a few of my favorites!)

Weight-Loss Tracker & Procrastinator's List // These tips and tricks will help make your move into a new bullet journal feel seamless and stress-free, even in the middle of the month!

Set up the current month.

Once you have everything set up just how you want it, you can set up the current month. For me, that meant another May cover page (“Hello again, May!”), a calendar for May, and the monthly trackers. I highly recommend transferring all of your monthly info to the new book. It might seem kind of tedious to rewrite all of that all over again, but it’s helpful. Then at the end of the month you have all of the monthly data in one place, and you don’t have to carry around two journals if you need to reference anything.

And go!

If you use weekly layouts, set up the next week, or just skip straight to your daily logs. If you missed transferring a collection, don’t sweat it, just add it in wherever. That’s the beauty of the bullet journal system!

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread // These tips and tricks will help make your move into a new bullet journal feel seamless and stress-free, even in the middle of the month!

This whole process seemed so easy and seamless. Just make a plan, give yourself plenty of time (I started my setup when I had about a week left in my old journal), and don’t stress. I hope this makes your move much easier!

I’m so excited about this new journal. I’ve never been a huge fan of yellow, but I fell in love with this lemon journal so hard! I can’t wait to get to the end and see all the bright happiness as I flip through the pages.

Have you ever dealt with moving to a new bullet journal in the middle of the month? Do you theme your journals? I’d love to hear! Tell me below in the comments!

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  1. Oh, your journal looks so beautiful! I’m yet to set up my bullet journal (you know when you want it to be so perfect that you daren’t actually start?!) but you’ve inspired me too. I can see an Amazon order for some new Tombows in my future!

    • Aww! Thanks, Caroline! And I made plenty of booboos in there, so it certainly isn’t perfect, but I love it. Just get started! That’s the hardest part, but you’ll be just fine once you get going. And enjoy that Amazon order!!! 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed seeing how you put together your journal. Love the fun and different pages.

  3. I’m SO new to journaling! I just received my first Erin Condren journal in the mail, along with a few other accessories of hers and I’m obsessed!

  4. Wow, I love what you did with your journal. So creative!

  5. Omg, those illustrations are absolutely gorgeous!! And those stickers made me want to jump straight into a bullet journal myself. So inspiring and fun!

  6. Your bullet journal is so pretty! I have been wanting to start using one!

  7. I’ve never tried a bullet journal but I do have The Happy Planner which I love. Your little doodles are so cute!

    • Oh goodness, Shani, the Happy Planner is what got me started in all of this! They’re all so pretty! And you can do bullet journaling in a Happy Planner!

  8. I am in love with your bullet journal layout and pages! I’m also definitely checking out those brush pens you use – I love how your writing looks!

    • Thank you, Cameron! That’s so sweet of you! The Tombow brush pens are amazing, and they’re so fun to use!

  9. Oh my goodness! Can you be my journal-keeper, please?! HAHA These pages are stunning! I can’t even believe it. Such a talent. If mine looked nearly as beautiful as this I would never stop journaling!

    xx, Taylor (

    • Awww! Thanks, Taylor! And I would love to! I’ll take all the excuses I can get to do nothing but journaling all day!!!

  10. I had no idea bullet journals could be so beautiful. I’d written off bullet journaling as a trend, but now you’ve got me rethinking my decision!

    • I think it might have started off as just a trend, but it has caught on like wildfire. I don’t see it dissipating any time soon. Hop on the wagon, Sarah!

  11. This is so pretty! I definitely wish I had skills like this – my life would be so much prettier. Hehe. Great journal!

    • Thanks, Amanda! I didn’t think I could make it look like this either, but I surprised myself! Give it a try, your skills might surprise you.

  12. OMGoodness, Samantha. What a gorgeous journal! You’re so artistic and organized. I love beautiful notebooks, tablets, stationary and journals. Your lovely new yellow journal with colorful drawings is super sweet! Thanks for taking the time to walk us through setting up a bullet journal. It’s organizational inspiration! 🙂

  13. Your bullet journal is absolutely gorgeous! I love all the colors & attention to detail. :] :]

  14. bullet journaling looks like such a creative way to keep organized. love the new book you’ve moved to as well (:

    • I think that’s why I love it so much! I can be organized and creative all at the same time. Thanks, Jessica!

  15. What made you go to the Leuchtturm from the Happy Planner/Disc bullet journal? Do you find that you miss the ability to move pages around?

    • I love planning, and I have wanted to try all the systems and books that I could! I knew I could do bullet journaling in a Happy Planner, but I still love the feel of a bound notebook. I enjoyed the discbound system for a while, but I really wanted to try the Leuchtturm1917. I fell in love with it. I thought I would miss being able to move things around, but I really haven’t. I like seeing the flow of my thoughts (collection pages) right in the middle of my days.

  16. I’ve been wanting to use a bullet journal but I just don’t know what I would do with it. How well do you love yours? Where do you find inspiration to put in it?

    • Alexis, I love mine so much! It’s literally my brain. I’ve always been a list-maker, so this system is absolutely perfect for me. I get some of my inspiration from social media, and some of it comes from my head. Go ahead and give it a try, you might just love it!

  17. Hey, your journal looks awesome! The way you use a different kind of color to highlight your events is really eye-catching. A good-looking journal will bring a good organization for your plans. Thanks for sharing your post with us 😀
    Richard recently posted…How To Get Rid Of Algae In PoolMy Profile

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