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When I first started blogging, I just wanted something to do that was only for me, my “mom project” that kept me from going insane staying home with three kids. But over the past few months, something amazing has happened: I fell head over heels in love with blogging. I love reaching out and connecting with other moms who are just like me: tired, overwhelmed, and in serious need of some coffee. I have found joy in inspiring others to be their best. I want to help you realize and reach your goals. I’m here to help you find little tricks and shortcuts to make things easier. I want you to have a great life!

At Momma Wants Java you’ll find fantastic posts about family life, parenting, and motherhood. I’ll share delicious recipes that are either healthy and super easy or worth the indulgence. I’ll share my favorite crafts that I love making with my kids. And every once in a while, you’ll even find some posts on blogging. Best of all, I’ll share my best tips and info on getting organized and using planners.

While you’re here, make sure you check out some of the greatest posts:

Favorite Family Post:

I had been feeling like an unorganized hot mess, and then I found this amazingly incredible planner! It's really the only planner you'll ever need!

Favorite Food Post:

This strawberry & green tea slushy tastes amazing and it's so easy to make! A perfect afternoon treat, and it's packed with all the benefits of green tea!

Favorite Crafts Post:

This style of planner decoration is easy, affordable, and still functional! Plus, check out my amazing hack for using washi tape in your planner!


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