The Only Planner You’ll Ever Need

I had been feeling like an unorganized hot mess, and then I found this amazingly incredible planner! It's really the only planner you'll ever need!

I had been feeling like an unorganized hot mess, and then I found this amazingly incredible planner! It's really the only planner you'll ever need!

Recently I’ve been feeling like an unorganized hot mess. I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my blog, ignoring the housework, and trying to focus more on my family. Unfortunately, there were a few things that were starting to fall through the cracks. I knew it was time to find a solution. Then one day while I was reading some other blogs working, someone mentioned something called a Happy Planner. It looked cute, so I googled it and immediately fell in LOVE. It’s really the only planner you’ll ever need.

Before I started using this planner, I had a giant binder for my blogging stuff, I kept my personal appointments in my phone, and I had a running to-do list on a pad of paper in the kitchen. Talk about scattering everything. And yes, I could have kept everything on the phone, but I’m one of those people that loves writing everything down on paper. It sticks in my head better, and I feel more organized with a pen (or ten – because pretty colors!).

Enter the Happy Planner and I’ve got my entire life organized in one place! Here are just a few things I love about it:

It’s gorgeous!

This is stating the obvious! They have at least twelve different cover designs, and the inside of each is designed to match the covers. Everything is amazing – from the color schemes, the variety of fonts, right down to the inspirational quotes on the weekly layouts and monthly dividers. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to look at it and not swoon.

I had been feeling like an unorganized hot mess, and then I found this amazingly incredible planner! It's really the only planner you'll ever need!

Monthly Dashboard

At the beginning of the month you have a monthly dashboard. You can list important dates, birthdays, and some even have a section to write down your monthly goals (yay goals!). I also love the “Currently” section, where you can record what you’re reading, watching, planning, loving, etc.

I had been feeling like an unorganized hot mess, and then I found this amazingly incredible planner! It's really the only planner you'll ever need!

Vertical Weekly Layout

This is what sold me on the Happy Planner. Instead of having one tiny box to fit everything for one day, the vertical layout gives you three sections daily. You could use this for morning, afternoon, evening. I use this for blog, home, and personal. I write my things to do for the blog in the top row, and house/family chores go in the second row. The third row I use to keep track of my workouts, how many bottles of water I’ve had, and meal planning. See, everything in one place!

I had been feeling like an unorganized hot mess, and then I found this amazingly incredible planner! It's really the only planner you'll ever need!

Part Planner, Part Scrapbook

If you google Happy Planner, you’ll be overwhelmed with what other people do with their planners. It’s adorable! There are so many accessories (stickers, page pockets, etc.) that you can use to make this not only your planner, but your scrapbook as well. What a great way to keep your memories! You can check out their blog for some really awesome ideas!

Disc-Bound Planner

Before finding this I had never heard of a disc-bound anything, but it’s so neat. You can take pages out by pulling down on the top inside corner, and you can add pages in, as well. Bonus: nothing falls out! It’s not like a three-ring binder where the rings wear out and won’t line up anymore. It’s not like other planners where you can’t add in your own pages. Total life-saver when it comes to having everything in one place! So in the back of my planner I’ve added in a section to use as my blogging binder, and I’m currently working on a few pages to keep track of some things at home (bills, laundry, etc.). You can also purchase additional expansion packs for recipes, fitness, and home.

I had been feeling like an unorganized hot mess, and then I found this amazingly incredible planner! It's really the only planner you'll ever need!

Ever since I started using my Happy Planner, I have felt so much more organized and productive. It’s really nice not to have random lists and binders scattered all over the house. With everything all in one place, it’s much easier to see what I need to do next. The Happy Planners that you can buy right now (from their website or a Michaels craft store) are 18 month calendars that start in July. I couldn’t wait that long to start using it, so I also got the 6 month expansion pack. I am so in love with this planner, and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Do you use a Happy Planner or any other planner? Are you also a planner addict? Tell me below in the comments!


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  1. I kinda want one! I have a calendar to track blog posts, to do lists on phone or dry erase board, notes on phone, etc. Would be nice to have everything all in one spot!

  2. Your life sounds like my life! LOL! I am a hot mess too. For blogging I don’t even have a binder, it’s all just on the website under posts and I’m trying to keep all the sharing stuff in my head. A planner may very well be in order. Definitely need to work on time management a bit better, especially with the warm weather coming! Thanks for showing this beautiful one!

  3. OMG! That planner truly is gorgeous! Love the colors!

  4. What a beautiful planner! I love the design you chose. I like all the “extras” with this planner as well. I may need one of these for next year!
    Trish recently posted…Did You Know Tuesday: Margret Rey and Curious GeorgeMy Profile

  5. Love it! I’m such a planner freak! I just ordered my agenda from Bando but may have to try this next year. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is a really pretty planner. It makes me want to have it just by looking at it. I love planners The one I use right now is a Erin Condren.
    Christine recently posted…5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Email Inbox Clutter FreeMy Profile

    • I looked really hard at the Erin Condren planners. They’re so pretty and have a similar layout. But I LOVED that I can add my own sections to this one. That was very important to me.

  7. Ok I’m obsessed. I LOVE the look and format of this planner!!! I have a really lame one right now that I just might have to upgrade after seeing this beauty. Hot mess is the story of my life!!

    • You should see the planner I used before this one! About five lines a day, teeny-tiny, and I could barely fit just my blog stuff in it. Life is so much better with a Happy Planner!

  8. What a gorgeous planner! I use a Day Designer but I love the simplicity and color of this one 🙂
    XO Amanda |

  9. I’ve used so many different planners and actually won a Happy Planner in a giveaway! I can’t wait to try it out and see how it differs from what I currently use. From what you wrote about it, I think I am going to love it!
    Dana recently posted…5 Handy Hacks for Making Family Travel More AffordableMy Profile

  10. I’ve heard such good things about the Happy Planner but I am currently using the Erin Condren Life Planner which is very similar. I want to try the Happy Planner next!

    xoxo, Jenny

  11. This is the exact one I got to update my Happy Planner (my months run out in June)! It is sooo pretty and colorful. I love it! You definitely made an excellent choice!

  12. Oh yea having everything in one place I’d definitely useful. I used to be anti print planner but im so scatterbrained lately that I might have to get one.

  13. I am actually planning (haha) to buy the Happy Planner this weekend when I go shopping! I can’t wait to get it, I’ve been eyeing them for awhile now.

  14. Gorgeous planner. My thoughts are always all over the place. I thought about get a planner but just have’nt gotten around buying one. The look of the planner would probably motivate me to write and organize my thoughts better. By the way beautiful website. I like the layout.

    • Thanks so much! The planner really makes me want to write everything in it, so it’s been very helpful in getting me organized!

  15. I want one! I have been looking for an amazing planner!

  16. I love planners!!! And this one looks… absolutely ah-maze-ing!!!!

  17. I really really want to get into planning. I have two beautiful planner that I never use. However, when you said it’s part scrapbook, that made me think I need to really try harder. I love the colors on this planners and your photos are really good!
    Healing Mama recently posted…Having the Perfect Baby ShowerMy Profile

    • Thank you! I’ve been working hard at taking the photos in the right light and practicing my editing. This planner is so amazing. I love seeing all the scrapbooky things other people do with theirs. Seriously, look it up. 🙂

  18. I love this planner! I use a Lilly Pulitzer one and I love it but I’ve been wanting to try one of these! So cute!

  19. You can also use your 40% off coupon to buy the planner at Michaels 🙂 YAY!!

  20. I liked the Happy Planner but it wouldn’t stay together in my bag so I stopped using it. I got a Passion Planner and I’ve done some modifying to make it fit my needs and really like it. It’s bound like a book but lays flat, has a clean layout, and their quotes and Passion Planning can really help you focus on a goal.

  21. I love planners and this year I got a second for business. I use a filofax for my day to day life. My business planner was made by my girl Ria for this year and is amazing. It has loads of extra bits like vision pages, budget sheets, bucket list, note pages, marketing calender and subscriber tracker. Check it out at it’s sold out but it’ll give you an idea of what to expect in a few months for next year’s planner.

  22. This is the second year I have used The Happy Planner and I absolutely love it. I also have the grocery/to do list inserts as well. They are made so much more durable this year. I’ll never go back to another planner. For now at least. Lol

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  24. I love planners, right I’m debating whether I should get pretty and get this Happy Planner or stay digital… I worry about one day if I lose my phone whew!!!
    Kami @ Faithfully Me Blog recently posted…5 Ways To Celebrate Your Child’s AccomplishmentsMy Profile

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