9 Impromptu Weekend Activities

Looking for something fun and easy this weekend to break you out of a rut? Here are 9 ideas that are great for the whole family!

Before we had kids I took for granted how easy it was to get out of the house spontaneously. Want to go out to dinner? See a movie? No problem. Then we had Monster. That complicated matters some, but not too badly. Now we have three kids and two different…

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Now Hiring

My children are outnumbering me! But I've found a secret momma trick that works everytime when I need them to stop scattering and getting into everything.

Now hiring for the position of… everything! Must be quick on your feet, not afraid to get dirty, and have a great sense of humor. Job duties include cooking, cleaning, laundry, playing with Monster, playing with babies, chasing babies, trying to catch babies. Must be willing to accept payment in…

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Blueberry Banana Cookies

Delicious 3-ingredient blueberry banana cookies that are great for babies, kids, and adults!

I am feeling quite proud of myself. I just tricked my 10-month-old girls into eating oatmeal. LoveBug has never been a fan of baby cereal; SweetPea could take it or leave it. Once they started eating real food and feeding themselves, I tried giving them real oatmeal. It was rejected……

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