Plan with Me! October Planner Setup

Hello there! I am soooo excited to share my October planner setup with you! I have made some HUGE, ginormous changes this month! Drumroll please….. I am moving (partially) back into my Happy Planner! Back before I hopped on the bullet journaling train, I was in love with my Happy Planner, so it kinda feels like going back home after being away for a while. Let me tell you how it all started, then I’ll show you how I’m using the best of both worlds.

My October planner setup has some huge changes! This month I'll show you how I'm blending the best parts of a planner and a bullet journal!

My tiny, little, middle-of-nowhere town finally got a craft store! Last week a Hobby Lobby opened it’s doors, and I couldn’t be happier! Seriously, I went three times last week. I haven’t been yet this week, and I think I’m going through withdrawals. Previously, the closest craft store to us was over an hour and a half away, so it was dark days for this crafty momma. Anyway, as I was blissfully wandering up and down every single aisle (without the kids! Thanks, Hubs!), I came across the planner aisle. I drooled over all the gorgeous planner supplies, and I realized how much I love my planner.

I came home, dug it out of my cabinet, and flipped through all the pages that went unused through the year. It was a brand new planner that I hadn’t even used yet! Just to test the waters, I turned to the current week, transferred my to-dos, added some stickers, and I was instantly hooked.

Happy Planner Weekly View | My October planner setup has some huge changes! This month I'll show you how I'm blending the best parts of a planner and a bullet journal!

I struggled for a few days, feeling like my poor journal was being ignored or cheated on, but then I figured out how to combine the best of my bullet journal and my planner. It’s as simple as using each book for its intended purpose: my planning will be in the planner, and my journaling will stay in the journal.

October Planner Setup

Today I’ll show you how I’ve set up my planner and journal for October. Soon I plan on doing a more in-depth look at how I’m bullet journaling in my planner.

One of the great things about moving to the planner is how much time I save not drawing out calendars or coming up with new spreads. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing that, but I spent a lot of time doing it.

October Planner Setup: Monthly Trackers

The dashboard page has most of the same sections that I used for my monthly setups anyway (goals, notes, important dates, and birthdays). The one thing I added this month was a sheet of Happy Planner graph paper for my trackers. I inserted it right between the monthly dashboard page and the October tab. Perfect! Now every day when I fill in my trackers I’ll have my goals and important dates right there in front of me.

The back side of my tracker sheet has my happiness and gratitude spread. I had a lot of fun using my water brush for the lettering!

October Planner Setup: Monthly Calendar

One of the things I really like about the classic size Happy Planner is the dimensions. The pages are bigger than an A5 notebook, but not as big as a full letter-sized notebook. The monthly calendars have plenty of space, so I can easily fit multiple events on each day. I’m starting the month with just a few planned events, but as the month goes on, I’ll fill in the blank spaces with stickers, quotes, doodles, etc.

I love these stickers from the sticker value pack. They were intended to be used as appointment reminders, but if you turn them over, they are perfect bill reminders! (After photographing this, I’ll go back an add in the dollar amounts of the bills to the stickers.) I also have a few multi-day events that are marked with washi tape.

Monthly Calendar | My October planner setup has some huge changes! This month I'll show you how I'm blending the best parts of a planner and a bullet journal!

After the monthly spread, I’ll use the weekly spreads for my daily bullet journaling/tasks. This is the first planner I ever used that had a vertical layout, and I still love it! I’ll save so much time every week not drawing out spreads, so I’m really excited to spend that time doing other crafty things.

October Planner Setup: Former Bullet Journal

What does all of that mean for my other journal? I’m still using it on a daily basis in mostly the same way, but without all the tasks and calendar spreads. It has my journaling, notes, and some collections. I’m glad I’m moving the planning out of the journal, because maybe now I can get a little more personal in my journaling. I won’t be as concerned about losing it or worried about some stranger reading it if it does get lost. The journal can stay home now, since all of my planning will be in the planner.

Even though I’m not keeping any trackers in the journal anymore doesn’t mean I don’t need a cover page. That’s probably my favorite thing to do with every monthly setup, and I just can’t resist it!

Journal Cover | My October planner setup has some huge changes! This month I'll show you how I'm blending the best parts of a planner and a bullet journal!

Life Updates

Big news- I just purchased my new domain name! My new logo is already done, and I’m currently going through and making all new images! Rebranding my blog is one of the big things on my 18 Before 2018 list, so I’m chomping away at it steadily! (I’ve already got a few things marked off!). My goal is to have this rebranding project done as quickly as possible, but it is a huge undertaking. It will be taking most of my available time and attention, so the blog posts and social media might be put on the back burner for a bit. This blog is a one-woman show, so I want to make sure I don’t overdo my time with it. I still have two little girls at home with me all day, and a school-aged son and a husband that like having my attention in the afternoons and evenings. (They all get a little cranky when I spend too much time on the blog, and we don’t want that!)

Wow! I just realized this might be my last post as Momma Wants Java! Make sure you’re following me on Facebook and subscribe to my email list so that you don’t miss the big reveal! I’d hate it if we lost each other!

In other news, my son is doing amazing in school. He loves kindergarten so much and gets mad at me for not letting him go on weekends or other school holidays. And next month my baby girls are turning three! Time flies so quickly when you’re sleep deprived!

I think this month is going to be great. My October planner setup has me all fired up and ready to get some stuff done!

Do you use a planner/journal combination? What does your October Planner setup look like? I’d love to hear about your planning system, and any of your rebranding and moving tips! Let’s chat below in the comments!

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  1. I started with a Happy Planner, too! I use one of the ones from Michael’s now and I love it, but sometimes I do miss my happy planner. You make me miss it even more! I love your October set up 🙂

  2. I love the tree doodle!! Wow your journaling looks so polished!

  3. I have a Happy Planner, but I rarely use it. I usually add things after they have happened to help me keep track of when I went to appointments and other things that I might try to recall later. I want to start using it more though so it’s helpful to see how other people plan out their months. Yours looks super cute!

    • I love doing it that way, too! Sometimes at the end of the day I’ll sit down and write out my “done” list so that I can see how much I really did get accomplished. Thanks, Kristina!

  4. This looks so good! I love that you painted some pages and really personalized the monthly pages to make it feel festive.

  5. I love your planner I just go the new erin condren planner and it is the best, I loved the colors that you used.

  6. ugh this planner is so creative, neat, and colorful!! I love my planner, though it isn’t as awesome as this one. I would be so lost without it!!

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