Planner Accessories: Must-Haves & Wishlist

There are so many planner accessories to choose from & it's easy to be overwhelmed. So I made 2 lists: what you have to have & what to add to your wishlist.

I have been using my Happy Planner for almost two months now, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’m so entranced by the layout and how gorgeous it is. It’s turning me into a total planner addict. I’m even hooked on a few planner accessories that make everything easier (and prettier!). I’ve split these into two categories: the must-haves and the wishlist. While I’m focusing mainly on the Happy Planner, these accessories would work great with any planner that you use and love.


There are so many planner accessories to choose from & it's easy to be overwhelmed. So I made 2 lists: what you have to have & what to add to your wishlist.

Pens – Of course you need lots of great-quality pens! My all-time favorites are these Pilot G2 gel pens. You can get them in just black, or you can go the vibrant route and get a variety of colors.

Dashboards – These are essential for helping me find sections of my planner quickly. I’ve got one dashboard in the middle of this week so that I can easily find today, and another dashboard at the beginning of my blogging section.

Expander discs – One of the best features of the Happy Planner is that it’s a disc-bound planner. So not only can you add and take out sections from your planner, but you can also swap out the discs. Want a different color? No problem. Running out of room like I am? No problem. I’ll be swapping my rings very soon for the next size up!

Dividers – Since I use my planner to organize everything in my life, the dividers are essential. I am using these in my blogging section, and I have plans to add more sections soon. 

Hole punch & paper cutter – If you use a disc-bound planner, you’ll need a different hole-punch than a regular one. Happy Planner makes their own (and that’s the one I use), but I have seen other options on Amazon. If you make or download your own printables for any planner, you’ll want a punch so you can add them in. And of course, if your planner is a different size than regular paper, you’ll need a paper cutter. If push comes to shove, a craft knife and a ruler will work in a pinch.

Sticky notes – I use plain sticky notes for planning my blog posts, so I couldn’t live without them. Happy Planner also makes a sheet of sticky notes that fit onto the discs of your planner, and they come in cute designs. What do you use your sticky notes for?

Zippered pouch – This is extra handy to have when you take your planner with you. Use a zippered pouch to carry your planning essentials like your pens, sticky notes, etc. You might be able to find one that fits inside your planner, or you can find one that attaches to the outside with an elastic band.

6-Month Expansion Pack – This is just for the Happy Planner. The current planners being sold don’t start until July, and I just couldn’t wait that long to start using it. The expansion pack is a kit with stickers and blank calendar pages. I had way too much fun putting it all together.

Wish List

There are so many planner accessories to choose from & it's easy to be overwhelmed. So I made 2 lists: what you have to have & what to add to your wishlist.

Stickers – Who wouldn’t love tons of pretty stickers with inspirational quotes, decorations, and more? The Happy Planner stickers are amazing quality, and they’re affordable. You can use whichever stickers you want to add a little extra pizzaz to your planning.

Paper clips – I love these gorgeous hand-made paper clips from my friend Rachel at Adore Planner Co. Use them to bookmark important pages.

Carrying case – Depending on how avid of a planner addict you are, you might consider getting a carrying case. They’re large enough to hold your planner, pens, scissors, stickers, washi tape, and everything else you need.

Covers – Just in case you want a fresh look for your planner and don’t want to switch planners, just change out the covers. Many planner companies now make their own interchangeable covers. If you use a binder, insert a new paper on the cover or swap out the binder itself.

Self-inking stamp – This is a newer product from the makers of the Happy Planner. It’s a stamp with six lines and check boxes. Use it in your weekly layout to give yourself an organized and pretty to-do list. It looks like it covers a 1” by 2” area, so this would probably work in several planners. This is definitely on my wish-list! 

Page protecters & pocket cards – Use the page protectors as scrapbook pages in your planner. Print some photos, add some stickers and pocket cards, and you’ve got a gorgeous layout of your memories! 

Washi tape – I am new to using washi tape, but I’ve seen people use it for so many things! You can get it to coordinate colors and patterns with your planner. I’ve even seen sparkly washi tape, and I can’t resist that! I use it in the six-month expansion pack for the weekly layouts. The sections are labeled morning, afternoon, and evening, and that wasn’t what I needed, so washi tape to the rescue. Plus, it’s extra decoration!

So there you have it, all the planner accessories that I’m in love with! (You can get them from the Me & My Big Ideas shop online, or from a Michael’s craft store.) When I first found my planner I had no idea how many different accessories there really are. If you’re just getting started in the planner world (and yes, it really is it’s own world!), I hope this helps you feel a little less overwhelmed. 

What are your favorite planner accessories? Did I miss any essentials? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Tell me below in the comments!


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  1. Those little paper clips so are so cute!!!!!
    Healing Mama recently posted…Mommy Mental Health ChecklistMy Profile

  2. Were you a huge Lisa Frank junkie growing up? Cause this post is all the awesome. I sometimes wish I was into planners like I used to be as a school girl, cause those were the fun days of super organized lovely planner books. Now I’m a hot mess. Too lazy to keep up with one. I bet it would really help me out though.
    Julie @ Fab Working Mom Life recently posted…Gratitude and Goals May 27, 2016 #GratitudeGoalsMy Profile

    • Yes! I was all about Lisa Frank! Lol! I remember having a super sparkly pencil box with a turtle on it. Lol!

  3. This post is super helpful for those planner users out there! Everything is up in this mamas brain for now but eventually I’ll make the jump to a planner!
    Tori recently posted…Your Complete Guide to Financial SecurityMy Profile

    • I’m at that point where if I don’t write it down, it won’t happen. So the planner has been so helpful.

  4. I love stationery and planners but I use them for a few weeks, and then I forget about it/them.
    Lana recently posted…Snapchat Doodle BombsMy Profile

  5. I love colored pens, such a simple pleasure! I bought a huge pack at Costco and I’ve been sending people thank-you notes for random things, mostly just so I can use my teal ink, lol. Whatever makes you smile I guess!

  6. I love this planner! I will definitely have to get this one next year! One of my favorite parts of the year is when I get to buy a new planner for a new year!

    • Me too! It’s crazy how much time I actually spent going over so many different planners before I picked mine!

  7. I can’t live without a planner. Love this!

  8. I love the happy planner! So cute!! I have had a lot of paper planners and it is by far one of my favorites. And, I completely agree with everything on your list…especially washi tape!

  9. I saw this planner at Michael’s and was debating on getting it…but now I want one for sure! I love all the accessories, especially the stickers and washi tape.

  10. It’s all so lovely!! I’ll admit I’ve completely switched to digital. Just WAY easier for me to find things…and I have an addictive personality that I’m afraid I’d get too stuck on making it pretty versus using it for it’s true purpose! lol Fun post! 🙂
    Krista Dial recently posted…Virtual business owners think differentlyMy Profile

    • I was worried about making everything pretty at first too, but when I focus on using it how I want to (and not how everyone else does), everything is great! Thanks, Krista!

  11. Love this! I need to get more stickers for my planner.

    xoxo, Jenny

  12. So so so cute! I bought a Happy Planner and a bunch of accessories obsessively this year… I still haven’t used it. What is wrong with me? I just can’t make myself plan and I hate that!
    Angie recently posted…Acrostic Poetry + My May Sponsors and Their PoemsMy Profile

  13. Diana Catapang

    Very cool and chic to any age. I love the idea of having this things in my drawer. Makes me feel a lot younger. 🙂

  14. I just got my first happy planner… seems I have some more shopping to do!

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