Planner Gift Ideas: Perfect for Planner Addicts and Bullet Journalers

As the holidays come closer, my husband always asks me, “What do you want for Christmas?” I usually give him a blank stare because I don’t typically think about what I want for myself. Last year (before I discovered the Happy Planner and bullet journaling) I had a really difficult time coming up with a list for him. This year, however, I’ve got a nice long list ready! Chances are, if you’re doing any shopping for a fellow planner addict, you’ll absolutely find something they’ll love on this list of planner gift ideas, too!

These planner gift ideas are perfect for planner addicts and bullet journalers! They're great for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or just because!

Planner Gift Ideas!

Pens- We all have our favorites (I love Pilot G2 gels and Steadtler Fineliners), but literally any pen is amazing! I don’t know a planner out there who wouldn’t love to try a new one. It can be a plain gel pen, or a fountain pen. We love them all and there’s no such thing as having too many pens.

Washi tape- I can’t get enough of washi tape! I use it every day in my bullet journal, and it’s a necessity for my planner decoration. If you’ve never heard of washi tape before, it’s basically a decorative tape. The same thing also applies to washi tape – you can never have too much!

Stickers- The great thing about using stickers for your planner or bullet journal is that they can either be functional or decorative. Me & My Big Ideas (the creators of the Happy Planner) make amazing stickers. They’re great quality, and multi-purpose. Some are functional (appointment reminders, etc.) and some have fun and inspirational quotes. 

Colored pencils- These are perfect for coloring our doodles and habit trackers!

Adult coloring book- It seems like you can’t turn around in any store without running into some of these, and there’s a reason for that – adult coloring books are amazing! You can find them with soothing patterns, animals, cute scenes, and even swear words. 

Brush pens- These pens have a nib that is similar to that of a paint brush. Once you learn the technique, you can create beautiful lettering with these.

A book on calligraphy or lettering- I’m always excited about learning new things, and bullet journaling is really bringing out my creative side. Next on my list of things to learn is gorgeous lettering, so I’ve got my eyes on a few books. Definitely check out Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Notebook- Every bullet journaler I know has a preference for their paper- lined, squared, or dot grid. However, we still love notebooks of all kinds, and can never have enough. Give us a blank journal, and we can find a good use for it!

Portable photo printer- These are all the rage now. You can wirelessly print photos straight from your phone, then add them into your journal or planner. How cool is that?! If they already have one, get them more paper for it. They’ll be needing it! 

Gift card to a craft or stationary store- If you’re still not sure what to get the uber-organized person, a gift card is always appreciated. A few great places are Amazon, Etsy, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby.

A Few Tips:

Don’t worry about getting something we may already have. Whether it’s washi tape, pens, or a notebook, eventually it will end. The notebook will get full, the ink will dry out, and the washi roll will get empty. Then we’ll be needing another one, so you’re really doing us a huge favor!

Don’t get hung up on brand names. If you don’t know what type of pen or notebook your planner usually uses, that’s okay. Like I said earlier, it’s always fun to try new products. And who knows, you could have just found a new favorite! 

These planner gift ideas are perfect for ANY time of year. Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, anniversary, or just because, planners always need these gifts! 

Did you find something for the planner on your list? What’s on your planner gift ideas list? Tell me below in the comments! And don’t forget to share this post as a “subtle” hint!

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  1. Ooh some fun ideas here. Can you recommend some specifics, like what books on calligraphy are you perusing?
    Julie recently posted…Books I’m Loving Lately, 2016My Profile

    • Thanks, Julie! The books on the top of my list would be Creative Lettering and Beyond by Gabri Joy Kirkendall, Handlettering 101 by Chalkfulloflove, and Words to Live By by Dawn Nicole Warnaar. There are a few more, but basically go to B&N and search for hand lettering. 🙂 I want all the books!

  2. I bought The Happy Planner last month and I am really enjoying it! That said, I totally agree with your suggestion about pens. I would love love love to get some new felt-tip pens for Christmas. That would be an awesome gift!
    Kristin Cook recently posted…Exploring the Gingerbread Houses at The Grove Park InnMy Profile

  3. What a great list! I am going to use some of these ideas for my planner-loving girls!!
    Carrie recently posted…Sugar Cookie PizzaMy Profile

  4. I am really getting into the journaling and several different journals. Love all the extras and fun ideas.
    candy recently posted…Christmas Jar GiftMy Profile

    • Me too, Candy! At first I just wanted to get my to-do lists organized, but now I’m really liking the journaling aspect of it all, too.

  5. I like the idea of using colored pencils! I have a coloring books and colored pencils but would not have thought to use them in my planner. Great way to add some color to the planner. I have never done washi tape but I know so many people love it. I may just have to try it. Great post!!

    Elizabeth Ann //
    Elizabeth Ann recently posted…Unconventional Christmas Family PhotosMy Profile

    • Thank you, Elizabeth! I really love the colored pencils because you can color as much as you want without having to worry about the color bleeding through the page. And be careful with washi – it’s a rabbit hole! (But a good one.) 🙂

  6. I am all about stationary/notebooks/pen type of gifts personally because I’m constantly writing/planning/etc. They are so perfect if you’re constantly writing things down and coordinating your planner!

    • Exactly, Kiara! Some people might not understand the excitement of getting something like a pen for Christmas, but it’s really the best! 🙂

  7. These are such great ideas! I am hoping at in 2017, I can start bullet journaling!

  8. I have so many friends who are planners so this gives me a lot of great ideas for them. Thank you!!

  9. I love my happy planner and all the fun options for customization. I love pilot pens, but do not have any brush pens. So I’ll have to add those and the portable printer to my list.

  10. This is awesome! I love to give a traveling journal. It’s from Japan and you can make it as thin or as think as you want it. I also like to give a small sorting box or a pencil organizer to hold the colored pencils. I found them at the near by discount store.

  11. This list is right on! Perfect for planners.

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