Rainy Day Activities

25 low-prep indoor rainy day activities to keep your kids (toddlers & older) busy and happy so the whole family doesn't go crazy being stuck inside.

25 low-prep indoor rainy day activities to keep your kids (toddlers & older) busy and happy so the whole family doesn't go crazy being stuck inside.

Cabin fever has set in! The weather has been pouring down on us for almost a week straight. We’ve had flash flood watches and warnings all week, so going anywhere has been pretty much out of the question. Being stuck in the house with three rambunctious kids and a stir-crazy husband has made me get a little creative. I had to think of some rainy day activities fast before we all went nuts.

These are simple and easy activities that don’t require a lot of prep work or clean up. Most things you’ll probably have on hand. Hopefully, if you’re in the same position we’ve been in all week (getting clobbered by rain and storms), you’ll find something fun here to do!

  1. Build a fort. Pull all the couch cushions down, use the dining chairs, make it as big as possible. Or if you want something super simple, throw an old bed sheet over the dining table.
  2. Legos. See who can build the tallest tower before they fall over.
  3. Bubble wrap. Tape it to the floors and stomp away!
  4. Run laps. Clear the floor of toys, and set the kids free. This was a great way for my son to burn off lots of energy in one go.
  5. Obstacle course. Go under the chair, around the couch, weave through toys. The more creative the better.
  6. Tissue paper flowers. These are my favorites.  😉
  7. Bake something. Have any cookie dough on hand? Maybe try these 3-ingredient Blueberry banana cookies.
  8. Ping pong trick shots. Grab your ping pong balls, and an empty can or cup. Toss the balls into the cup, extra points for bouncing them off the walls first.
  9. Pom pom & straw races. Grab those cute fluffy pom pom balls you use for crafts, and race them down the hall way. The only catch is that you can’t touch them, you have to use a straw to blow on them.
  10. Paper airplanes. You can make them fancy or simple. Color them with crayons and markers, add stickers. See who get theirs to fly the furthest.
  11. Plastic cup towers. Build a tower out of plastic cups. Knock them down by tossing bean bags at them or using a dart gun. Then rebuild and go again.
  12. Action dice. On a piece of paper write down and number six activities (i.e. 1. Jump ten times, 2. Spin in circles, 3. Pretend you’re a monkey, etc.). Roll the dice and see which action to do.
  13. Floor target. Using floor-safe tape (masking or painter’s tape) outline three circles on the floor – a small circle inside a medium circle inside a large circle. Toss beanbags at the target to see who can hit the bullseye the most. Or keep score – 10 points for the large circle, 25 points for the medium circle, and 50 points for the bullseye.
  14. Indoor picnic. Move some furniture aside, throw a blanket on the floor, and enjoy a picnic inside while the rain pours down outside.
  15. Balloon volleyball. Blow up a balloon and bat it back and forth to each other. Use either your hands or a paddle (staple a paper plate to the end of a large popsicle stick).
  16. Leap frog. Toss some of those throw pillows on the floor and let your kids leap frog over them. Don’t forget to make frog noises.
  17. Cheerio tower. Take a ball of play-dough and insert a dry spaghetti noodle into it so that the noodle is pointing up. The kids then thread Cheerios onto the dry noodle. This is great for fine motor skills and counting (and also for snacking!).
  18. Sticky web. Make a web across an open doorway using masking or painter’s tape. Stand facing the sticky side of the tape and throw paper balls at the web, trying to get them to stick to the tape.
  19. Book-a-thon. Grab a giant pile of books, a cup of juice, and a comfy spot. See how many books you can read together.
  20. Make a paper quilt. You can use these for decoration or mail them to family members.
  21. Make a paper clip chain. Another great activity for fine motor skills. Just make sure the kids are old enough to know not to eat them (do I even need to mention that?).
  22. Construction paper chain. Make the inside of your house look festive by making a construction paper chain. Cut the construction paper in strips, and either glue or staple the ends together.
  23. Soda bottle bowling. Save those empty drink bottles! Set them up like bowling pins, and roll a ball (like a soft basketball or soccer ball) at them.
  24. Decorate a box. If you’re like us, you probably have a million empty diaper boxes laying around (my son loves playing with them). Grab one, and cover it with construction paper. Turn it into a house. Cut out random shapes and colors. Just have fun with it.
  25. Paint. Finger paint or use brushes. Use different items (bubble wrap, cotton balls, potatoes, corn on the cob) for different textures. Our favorite to use for painting is race cars! If you don’t want the mess, squeeze the paint into a ziplock bag, seal it shut, and tape it to the table. Then the kids can swirl it around without making a giant mess.

This is just the start of our rainy day activities. I’m sure as spring goes on I’ll keep adding more. If you’re going to be stuck inside for the duration, you might as well be having fun!

What are your favorite rainy day activities?

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  1. I love the cheerio tower idea! I also make my toddler run laps some nights before bedtime, hehe 🙂
    Stay dry!
    Erin recently posted…Consignment Selling Success Tips!My Profile

    • That whole “don’t run in the house thing?” Nope. We run in the house. I’m glad we’re not the only ones!

  2. OOh what a great list of ideas! I love that these are easy to do with things already in the house and activities the family already enjoys.

    • Thanks, Julie! If you’re stuck in the house, it’s not like you can plan for elaborate activities that take a million supplies and trips to the store. I’m all about keeping it simple! 🙂

  3. Great list! My favorite is doodling, of course!

  4. Obstacle courses used to keep me busy for hours when I was younger…..literally. Painting is another one! Love this list!

  5. This gave me some ideas! I’m always looking for things to do on rainy days.
    Healing Mama recently posted…The Stay At Home Mom Life- Living On One IncomeMy Profile

  6. I love these ideas!! We use to always build forts when I was a kid. I can’t wait to build forts with my daughter. I also love the idea of the cheerio tower!

  7. This is such a great list! I think I am going to make a “rainy day” kit and include the items needed to do these fun things with my boys!! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Dana recently posted…10 Must Have Tools for Organizing Yourself and Your Workspace + a GIVEAWAY!My Profile

  8. Ping pong trick shots! By the time they are ready for beer pong, they’ll be pro’s! 😀 But seriously, there are tons of great ideas for rainy days in this list!
    Tori recently posted…Mom Confessions: Our Lives Are Perfectly ImperfectMy Profile

    • Tori, that’s exactly what I was thinking! Hubs and I were joking about that, too. It’s good parenting really, because they’ll be the sober ones! Hahaha!

  9. I needed this today! It’s raining here and I’m stuck in the house with my kids – 4, 2, and newborn. I’m off to track down some spaghetti so we can try the cheerio tower. 🙂
    Aileen recently posted…Cooking With Kids: Soft PretzelsMy Profile

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