Sweet Things to do for Your Kids

These 10 Sweet Things do to for Your Kids are great for children of all ages. Whether it's Valentine's Day or just because, give them a special treat.

These 10 Sweet Things do to for Your Kids are great for children of all ages. Whether it's Valentine's Day or just because, give them a special treat.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and many people are starting to make their plans. Romantic dinner, gift for your significant other, cards, etc. But don’t forget the little people in your house, too! Here are some fun and sweet things to do for your kids:

Decorate their door frame with streamers.

Before they wake up, tape some red and pink streamers to hang from the top of their doorframe. When they get up, it’ll be like walking through a waterfall of love. What a fun way to start the day!

Make them a pillow.

My kids love pillows. Big pillows, small pillows, any and all pillows. I’m afraid that at this age, any card or valentine we give them will be lost, destroyed, or thrown away. A nice, longer-lasting alternative is a pillow. I’ll stick with the heart theme, add a little lace to the edges for the girls, and maybe a silly face on the boy’s pillow.

Have a special date.

If you have plans with your hubs that night, make a special date with your kids. Take them out for lunch or ice cream. Maybe a stroll through the park or take them to the library. Be adventurous and let them pick the destination!

Make heart-shaped food.

Make heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast. Or, if you have one of those fancy gadgets (like a cookie cutter, but for your skillet), make heart-shaped eggs, too! You could also cut a sandwich into a heart. If you fix their lunch at home, add some condiments to their plate in the shape of a heart. Heart of ketchup, anyone?

These 10 Sweet Things do to for Your Kids are great for children of all ages. Whether it's Valentine's Day or just because, give them a special treat.

Write them a love note.

This one is great for your older kids. Write them a little love note, and leave it somewhere they’ll find it later in the day. Their lunch box, backpack, notebook, desk, etc. It can be as sweet or silly as you like.

Get matching tattoos.

No, not real ones (unless your kids are old enough – in that case, have fun!). Grab some temporary tattoos, let your child pick one and put it on them. Then it’s your turn, momma! You get one, too! Make it extra-fun and let your child pick yours and where it goes. Extra points if they get to put it on you. Then you can show everyone you see your matching tattoos!

Give them flowers.

My son loves going to the store with his daddy and coming home with some flowers for me. It’s the sweetest thing ever. I think he’d love it if he got some flowers of his own. And as long as the babies don’t eat them, I know they’d probably love to play with some flowers, too.

Let them decorate the house with hearts.

Cut out a bunch of hearts of all different sizes and colors. Let the kids decorate them with doilies, markers, crayons, glitter, etc, then hang them on the walls. Choose one wall or room to decorate, or scatter them all over the house.

Decorate cookies.

Bake (or buy – nothing wrong with that!) some heart shaped cookies. Get some icing and sprinkles, and make those cookies beautiful! 

Tell them “I love you!”

Yes, this one is a given, but tell them all day. Tell them why you love them. Tell them all those tiny details that you notice. I love you because you’re hilarious. I love you that you are such a good big brother. I love you!

You can do all of this for your children on Valentine’s Day, or you can do it any time of year. Matching tattoos are great for summer, too. Give your children all your love all the time. Make every day special.

What’s your favorite sweet thing to do for your kids?

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  1. Fun ideas! I used to make heart shaped pizza or a quiche for dinner when my kids were younger.
    Beth recently posted…#RelationshipGoals: Celebrate Valentines Day with Pet AdoptionMy Profile

  2. awww, this made me smile. I need to do more of this and it is all so easy and will be so appreciated! Thanks, such great pics too!

  3. These are so sweet 🙂 I’m not sure my one year old is quite ready to appreciate the holiday but some smiley food could work 🙂
    Julie S. recently posted…Gratitude and Goals Feb 5, 2016 #GratitudeGoalsMy Profile

  4. Aw! What a sweet idea! Im totally gonna do that streamer one for my kiddos, they would FREAK! 😀

  5. What a cute list! We do the doorway streamers for birthdays in our house, it’s so fun! 🙂
    And yes to ALL the heart shaped foods! <3
    Erin recently posted…Angela’s TRIPLE NICU Experience! | NICU Mom SeriesMy Profile

  6. Very good ideas! I think it’s so important to make our children feel special. These are things they will look back and remember!
    Healing Mama recently posted…Ask Away Thursday: My Child Won’t Stop Hitting!My Profile

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