Taking a Blogging Break

You might have noticed that it’s been much longer since my last post – over a month! If you looked at my online presence, you’d think I dropped off the face of the earth. No Facebook posts, Instagram pictures, tweets, and only a few pins (I cannot stay away from Pinterest!). I needed a blogging break, and I’m so glad I took it! Here’s why I took a break, what I did with my “free” time, and why a blogging break might be beneficial for you, too!

Taking a blogging break let me pursue more passions in life & come back refreshed! Check out why I took a break and why it might be good for you, too!

Why I Took a Blogging Break

One simple answer: one day I woke up and I just didn’t want to blog. I love writing and designing graphics. I love interacting with people that I meet through blogging. There are so many amazing things about blogging, but there was a day I just didn’t want to. So instead of stressing or forcing it, I didn’t. There were other things I wanted to do, but I felt like I couldn’t spare the time.

If you’re not a blogger, let me give you a little insight (and if you are a blogger, I know you’ll be relating to this!). We’re constantly advised by “experts” that we need to publish blog posts several times a week in order to be considered “successful.” We’re also supposed to publish on all social media channels several times a day, focus on growing our email lists, learn this new trendy thing or that new fad. Add to all of that taking care of a family, a house, and for some, jobs. It’s endless, and it’s a lot to keep up with. But we do it because we love our blogs and the communities we’ve made with them.

There has been a lot on my plate lately. I don’t want to sound whiny about everything I do; I really enjoy my life, but I needed something to give, and it was the blog.

Taking a blogging break let me pursue more passions in life & come back refreshed! Check out why I took a break and why it might be good for you, too!

What I Did During My Blogging Break

I won’t say that I made any huge achievements, but I did so many things!

The first thing I made sure to do was to start spending more quality time with my husband. This poor guy works so hard to support our family, and he really got the short end of the stick here. Instead of having a stressed-out and distracted wife, he got to come home to a much happier and relaxed wife (well, as relaxed as I could be after spending all day with a hyper 4-year-old chatterbox and twin girls in the throes of the terrible twos). The time we spent together in the evenings wasn’t preceded by “Let me finish this post first…” or anything else like that. He got a lot more of my full attention and appreciation, and I think he’s pretty happy about that.

I’ve had more time to devote to my creative side. Yes, the blog counts as creativity, but I’m talking my artsy creative side. I’ve been playing with watercolor paints, and I’ve discovered zentangles. Oh my goodness, those are so addictive and soothing.

One of my great passions in life has always been reading, and the blog has taken up all my time I used to devote to that. I’ve been reading so much more lately… a little at night before bed, some during the kids’ nap time, and really any time I have a book near me!

And get this – I slept in! Oh the sweetness of it! Instead of waking up and being at my desk every morning by 5:30, I got an extra hour or more of sleep! I was able to get up just a mere 30 minutes before the kids – enough time to get some coffee, get dressed, and take the puppies outside.

I will admit that the first week or so I was torn and bored. Before this break I would spend almost every spare minute glued to blogging – not just writing, but social media promotion, taking “Instagram-worthy” photos, commenting on other people’s blogs, and so on. During the break I stopped all of that. I felt so torn, like I knew I needed to get with it and do something, but not wanting to. It took me a little while to accept that I didn’t HAVE to.

Would a blogging break be beneficial for you?

Maybe! I feel so much more peaceful lately! I got my break, and now I’m ready to come back. I learned that life will go on without blogging. Taking a break doesn’t mean failure; for me it meant adding more to my days. I got more me time, and my marriage got a boost. Those two things right there are priceless.

If you’re considering taking a break, weigh the pros and cons. Make a special list for it in your bullet journal! Ask yourself these questions:

  • What would you do with your time?
  • How long would your break last?
  • Are there any consequences?
  • What are the positive effects it would have?

I will also add that sometimes you have to ignore your well-thought-out list, and just go with your gut. If you get to the point I did where you just don’t want to anymore, then you might need a break.

I’m so glad to get back to Momma Wants Java. I missed writing, and I have missed my blogging friends. The best part about all of this is that I feel like I have a much better understanding and grip on how I’ll be balancing life and blogging.

Have you taken a blogging break before? Do you need one? Tell me about your experience below in the comments!

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  1. What a great post. I just wrote in my post today about how taking breaks helps us feel newly inspired and motivated. I could use a social media break too! lol

    • Thanks, Chelsea! I can’t wait to read yours! And the social media break was amazing- that’s the hardest part about coming back!

  2. Yes a break is so beneficial, letting us get refreshed and come back with more energy!

  3. It’s so much better to take a break sometimes! I find that when I do that I often come back more excited and ready to blog again.

  4. Welcome back! Sounds like you made excellent use of your break!

  5. Awe I love this! I think taking a break from blogging is healthy! It can become so consuming at times that it looses it’s fun

  6. I have been scheduling Mini-Blogging Breaks for myself. I cannot believe how helpful it is – and yes, I am refreshed.
    I schedule nights off, two day getaways with my kids and days of here and there. I make sure I am scheduled for promo on Tailwind & Buffer and then breathe a little.
    While I am paying no attention to my blog – nothing awful has happened. For our summer vacation, I took the whole week off and again, nothing terrible occurred.
    I come back with lots of good ideas and more energy.
    Pamper yourself and take a break – its good for you!!

  7. This post came at a really great time for me. I’ve been feeling a little burned out and stuck in a blogging rut, and I’ve been full of “meaning to” talk. Half my mind is on the blog and the other half is on my husband and homemaking things. However, the blog half has been mostly me thinking “I need to get a post up” and then sitting down and not wanting to! I hate admitting it, but it’s just been a struggle lately. I love how you were really able to give more time to your husband and even yourself during your break. It’s so healthy to do that sometimes and maybe I should give it a try too!

    • That is it exactly, Joy! I tell myself I need to write, and then I just stare at a blank screen and get frustrated because my mind is on so many other things. Give yourself a little breathing room, and maybe you’ll come back feeling refreshed!

  8. Loved this post! With all we do as bloggers we need a vacay like everyone else. ?

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