Top 10 Guilty Pleasures for Moms

Life as a mom is crazy, hectic, and wonderful. Here are 10 guilty pleasures to help you through it all so you don't get frazzled and worn out!

Life as a mom is crazy, hectic, and wonderful. Here are 10 guilty pleasures to help you through it all so you don't get frazzled and worn out!

As a mom, it’s easy to get frazzled and worn out. We get sucked into our daily routines and schedules, and we know there will never be enough time to actually finish everything on our to-do lists. So what’s a mom to do? Have no fear! I’ve got this list of guilty pleasures to help us out. A little self-indulgence goes a long way, so mommas, treat yo’self! In no particular order:


I’m not just talking about the essential first cup of the day. I’m talking about the afternoon cup. Get the kids in bed for their naps, or maybe it’s before you go pick them up from school. Fix a cup of coffee and just relax for ten or fifteen minutes. Take your time to enjoy this warm cup (unlike the morning cup that goes cold because you’re too busy to drink it). Linger over it. Browse a magazine or social media. Maybe just sit and let your brain rest for a few moments. It’s your quiet time.


The other life-sustaining liquid in this house. You know that phrase “coffee keeps me going until it’s time for wine?” True story. It’s not always in the budget, but that just makes this guilty pleasure so much more enjoyable when I have it. However, I will admit that there are days when wine is more of a necessity than a guilty pleasure.

Life as a mom is crazy, hectic, and wonderful. Here are 10 guilty pleasures to help you through it all so you don't get frazzled and worn out!Yoga Pants

Yes, I’m calling this a guilty pleasure. Why? Because I could get dressed in jeans or a skirt everyday, but yoga pants are so much better. If I’m going to wrangle three kids all day, I’m going to be comfortable doing it.

Reality Television

It’s rare that I get to binge into this, but when I do I get sucked in for hours. I love watching people spend $10k on a wedding dress. I get to ogle gorgeous dresses and not worry about breaking the bank. And cooking competition shows? Yes, I absolutely yell at the tv like guys do when they’re watching sports. Don’t get me started on the house buying shows. Obviously that third house was perfect for that couple, so why did they choose house #1? Or maybe the overly-dramatic housewife shows are your favorite. Get caught up in someone else’s life. The great thing about most of these shows is that I can watch these during the day when I’ve had enough kid shows. I can give Monster something extra-fun to do and just leave these on in the background.

An Evening Alone to Read Uninterrupted

Get the kids in bed and ignore those chores. You heard me. At the very least, take care of what will make you crazy if it’s left alone. The clean laundry can sit in the basket another night. Just go grab your book and find a quiet place. 

A Bubble Bath

This is another great one for after the kids go to bed. No one wants a toddler dive-bombing their relaxing lavender-scented heaven. Dim the lights, light some candles, find some soft music to listen to. If you’re brave enough, grab your book. (I’m always terrified I’ll drop the book into the suds.) 

A Secret Mom Snack Stash

For some this might be the frozen chocolate cream pies that are hidden in the back of the freezer. For me it’s chocolate squares in my nightstand. Or the bag of potato chips stashed on the highest shelf in the darkest corner of the pantry. These are great for when you just need a quick minute to yourself in the middle of the day or for snacks as soon as you close the kids’ bedroom doors at night.


Who doesn’t love those celebrity-filled glossy pages? Or the magazines that promise you a better bikini body in 2 weeks? (Puh-leaze!) Interior design, cooking, crafts, DIY, fitness, health, entertainment, you name it. There’s a magazine for everything. Sometimes nothing feels more luxurious than spending a few minutes daydreaming and flicking through a magazine.

TV Dramas

These are the shows that you can’t get away with watching when the kids are around. The gory crime shows and the steamy doctor shows. Sometimes I sneak one in right in the middle of the day while the kids nap. Or binge watch several episodes and stay up way too late. 

Side Project

All moms need a project on the side that’s just for them. It could be crafting, computer stuff, fitness training, anything. Just something that reminds her that she’s still a person of her own, not just a mom. For me it’s this blog. I’m calling it a guilty pleasure because there are probably a million other things I should be doing right now. The laundry needs to be folded and put away, the dishwasher needs to be started, and the house could use a quick clean-up. And that doesn’t even take into account that I should be going to bed now, not staying up to finish this.

These might not be the ultimate fix-all. If you can squeeze in one or two of these guilty pleasures a day, it could make quite a difference. I think the chocolate stash in my nightstand is a total lifesaver. And the afternoon coffee perks me back up and soothes my soul.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

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  1. This is a must read for all Moms and a must do! Great post

  2. AH! Yes, reality TV! I just finished binging on Fixer-Upper on netflix over like the last week. Also, do you ever find yourself looking at the clock wondering if it’s too early for a glass of wine?

    • I’ll have to try that show! I get stuck on House Hunters and that Love it or List it show. And almost anything on Food Network. And I find myself wondering about the wine ALL THE TIME. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  3. All so very true. I live for my afternoon coffee. I’m not really sure how anyone can make it through the day without it. Also, reality tv, ugh yeah.

  4. For me it’s tea 🙂 I need to find some quiet time to read. I use all my quiet time to blog… heh
    Julie recently posted…The Shift Working Mom and the Child Care Conundrum, Guest Post by The Mama NurseMy Profile

    • I love tea in the afternoon! And yes to reading! I used to read so much before I started blogging, and now the blog takes up all my quiet time.

  5. Haha! I love the mornings where I drop into our local coffee shop after I’ve done the school run. I hardly ever sit in. I prefer to sip that baby in the peace & comfort of my own home!

  6. I’m not a mom yet, but when I need a break from life, reality television and bubble baths are were it’s AT! Great suggestions!

  7. I have a secret snack stash, but I have to wait until my kids are sleep or busy to dig in. I swear they can hear when I open the package and they come running like wolves! LOL.
    Healing Mama recently posted…Overweight and Pregnant:How To Have A Healthy PregnancyMy Profile

  8. Coffee is my life. <3
    Erin recently posted…How Rich Are Your Habits?My Profile

  9. Oh man, I would DIE for an evening alone, uninterrupted. Definitely on my wish list for mother’s day! And chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.
    Great post!
    Tori recently posted…The Shift Working Mom and The Child Care ConundrumMy Profile

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