Top 3 Reasons You Should be Using a Fitness Planner

Using a fitness planner has completely improved my weight-loss journey! Check out why you should be using one, and what to include in it!

One of my big goals for this year is to lose some weight, and finally a couple months ago I got serious about it. I had made a few feeble attempts (in January, and again once spring started), but nothing really stuck. This time around I made one major change, and I’m glad to say I’ve got this ball rolling now. I started using a fitness planner. It has been one of my greatest tools so far.

What is a fitness planner?

It’s basically a planner where you record your meals and exercise every day. You can use a regular every day planner if you like, or there are some made specifically for this reason. 

Since I’m such a huge fan of the Happy Planner, I used some spare covers and discs, and got the Happy Planner fitness extension pack. It’s four undated months, and comes with stickers so you can date the weekly and monthly views.

Using a fitness planner has completely improved my weight-loss journey! Check out why you should be using one, and what to include in it!

I was a little wary of it at first. I thought it would be a huge hassle to write down every single thing I ate, every workout, every day. However, I’m such a planner addict that it’s actually fun. In fact, I love my fitness planner so much that I want to share with you the top 3 reasons why you should be using one, too.

The Top 3 Reasons You Should be Using a Fitness Planner

1. It makes you accountable to yourself. Even if you have a workout buddy who helps keep you on track, a fitness planner gives you personal accountability. I’m much more likely to stick to my diet when I write down everything I eat. I’m also exercising more often because I want to fill in all the spaces in the planner.

2. It helps you create healthy habits. On the left hand side of the weekly view there is a space to write your goals for the week. I always write down how much water I want to drink every day, my daily step goal, and how many workouts I want do accomplish each week. Since I’ve started doing this I actually reach my weekly goals more often than not. Now it’s pretty much a habit for me to drink so much water and to get a walk after the kids’ morning snack. 

3. It’s a journal of your progress and success. I use the monthly view to write down one reflection every day, and I also record my weight there. When I flip back through the past two months I can see my struggle in the beginning, how frustrated I was. As the days progress the reflections are getting more positive, and the weight is dropping. When I reach my weight-loss goal, I will have this planner as a memory of my journey. I’ll be able to remember how hard I’ve been working.

How I Use My Fitness Planner

Now that you know how I use the monthly view, I’ll show you how I use the weekly view. I add a little glitter washi to the top, and then I add the date stickers on top of that. I love that the date stickers are clear. I also add a thin strip of washi across the exercise row to give myself another small row on the bottom. I record my weight there, and how much it varies from the day before. That just gives me an excuse to celebrate every ounce lost! 

There is a space to record calories every day, but I’m not counting my calories. Instead, I record my daily steps there. 

At the very bottom of the page is a space to keep track of your water. Since I drink more than 8 glasses every day, I just added a few extra circles to color in.

Using a fitness planner has completely improved my weight-loss journey! Check out why you should be using one, and what to include in it!

What should you include in your fitness planner?

Anything and everything health-related! But just in case you’re stumped, here are a few ideas:

  • Meals. Everything you eat: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts. I even count coffee.
  • Water. How much water do you want to drink every day? Your fitness planner is a great place to keep track of that.
  • Workouts. I love recording my workouts.
  • Daily steps. Do you use a Fitbit or another step counter?
  • 30-day challenges. There are so many of these online. You can either print them out and add them in your planner, or you can write them in your weekly or monthly views.
  • Reflections. Write down a thought about your fitness journey.
  • Weight. Record your weight however often you’d like. I do every day, but I know some people prefer weekly weigh-ins.
  • Supplements. If you’re taking vitamins or any other supplements, make a note of it when you record your meals. This way you know for sure you didn’t skip any doses. You can use an abbreviation or a symbol to make recording it even easier.
  • Calories or points. Are you on a diet that counts calories or points? You’ll want to keep track of those.
  • Periods. Yuck. But at least you’ll be able to see how long you have between cycles, and if your eating habits or weight change any around that week.
  • Measurement chart. Just like recording your weight, when you record your measurements you can see those inches dwindle away.
  • Monthly progress selfies. Snap a photo every month and you can see the difference you’re making.
  • Fitness Success Plan! No fitness planner is complete without this awesome workbook I created. You can grab your free copy here!

Using a fitness planner has totally changed the way I’m getting healthy. I am more motivated now than I ever was. I don’t have nearly as many cheat days, and I’m getting in more workouts than ever. I hope this leaves you inspired to keep track of your own fitness!

Have you used a fitness planner before? Will you start now? Tell me below in the comments!

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  1. I’ve used an app like my fitness pal but the idea is the same. Write it all down, accountability, tracker of progress, and it helps to see how toure doing. Lovely planner!
    Julie S @ Fab Working Mom Life recently posted…How To Cook Healthier, Quicker Meals As A Working MomMy Profile

  2. Oh! I badly need this app. I’ve never been so organized with my “getting fit” activities. I love this!

  3. Such great tips and great tool Julie! I am a huge proponent of any type of planner! IT really helps me with accountability.

    Rachel |

  4. This is so great! I’ve never gotten this in-depth with a fitness planner, but it could be so helpful! 🙂

    • Abbey, I can’t tell you how big of a help it has been. It has actually kept me going even when I wanted to quit. I’ve got it, I might as well keep going and fill the whole thing up! 🙂

  5. Yes! I love this idea! Writing things down is always so helpful to me, and definitely keeps me more accountable. I really need to track my water intake because it’s been seriously lacking lately. I’m getting me a fitness planner ASAP.

    • Writing everything down has really helped me stick with it this time. I hope you get a fitness planner, Shann! You’ll love it!

  6. I don’t use a physical planner, but I track ALL of that stuff using My Fitness Pal!

    One thing I would recommend doing: setting daily exercise goals! I find that if I know that I need to do “30 pushups” on tuesday and then can just check it off (I have a gym spreadsheet I take with me) it’s more likely I’ll do it… otherwise I’ll cheat!

    Great post 🙂
    Laura recently posted…8 Ways To Tie And Style A Blanket ScarfMy Profile

  7. Yes! I love my fitness planner! It’s an essential part of my day!

  8. This is awesome! Writing everything down really does make a difference. Sometimes we don’t realize how much food we are eating. Logging into a fitness planner is a great habit to incorporate daily!

  9. I love the idea of a fitness planner because you really can track everything!! It holds me more accountable when I write things down!

  10. I love using paper planners because there is something about writing something down and crossing it off your list!

  11. I have a Happy Planner but haven’t gotten the fitness pack yet. May try it out when I get my 2017 planner.

  12. I have the same fitness planner but I am in such a funk right now I haven’t kept up with it, you just gave me an extra push

  13. This is such a great idea: I’ve never thought of doing a fitness planner but will definitely try this out. Especially meals and exercise planning!

  14. This is a great way to stay accountable to yourself in taking time for you! As a nurse and mom of two, I never look after myself and that doesn’t do anyone any good when I get sick and the world falls apart! Loving all your planners!
    Tori @ The Mama Nurse recently posted…Switching Your Baby From Breast to Bottle Feeding in Two Weeks or LessMy Profile

  15. I love planners! But I’ve never considered using one for fitness. I much prefer writing things down then using apps

  16. I definitely need this. I’m so bad at staying accountable. I need to change my life and I think this will help. x

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