The Traveler’s Notebook Bullet Journal

Before I started bullet journaling, I had never heard of a traveler’s notebook before. Now it’s one of my favorite bujo supplies! It’s so versatile and you can make it meet all of your planning needs! If you’re in search of planner peace, you’ll definitely want to check these out! A traveler’s notebook bullet journal might be the answer you’re looking for.

The traveler's notebook bullet journal is one of the most versatile & customizable planning systems. Read on to see if it will help you find planner peace!

What is a traveler’s notebook?

Basically, it’s like a book cover, but instead of covering just one book, you can put several smaller notebooks (called inserts) inside of it. A traveler’s notebook has elastic bands running up and down the spine, and you just slide the insert around an elastic to hold the insert in place. Your average traveler’s notebook comes with 2-4 elastics, but you can customize it with more. One more elastic band wraps around the outside of the cover horizontally to keep everything together and closed.

Traveler’s notebooks are made in any and every size! They come in tiny passport size all the way up to composition notebook size, and every size in between.

Inserts are so versatile!

An insert can be whatever you want them to be. They are small or thinner notebooks made with lined, dot grid, graph, or plain paper. You can even order them to have printed monthly and weekly calendars, budget plans, meal plans… anything!

The traveler's notebook bullet journal is one of the most versatile & customizable planning systems. Read on to see if it will help you find planner peace!

I made one insert for my holiday planning. I’ve also seen people use them made from special paper to use as an art journal.

You can add clear vinyl pocket inserts that will hold your credit cards, washi tape samples, notes, paper clips, and other planning necessities you’ll need on the go. Dashboards (great for decoration and catching those random sticky notes) and folders are great additions, as well.

Traveler’s notebooks are perfect for planning and bullet journaling!

Why? One simple answer: you can make an insert for everything!

If you love bullet journaling, but find it a hassle to copy your collections over to a new book every few months, make an insert just for your collections! You’ll save so much time by not copying them every time you start a new notebook. Plus, you can have inserts devoted to specific subjects.

My Traveler’s Notebook Bullet Journal Setup

I’m using a Webster’s Color Crush Traveler’s Planner. It’s made out of faux leather with a gorgeous shiny silver lining, and it has so many pockets! There are four elastics which are currently holding my three inserts and a vinyl pocket insert.

My first insert is my monthly bullet journal. It contains my monthly calendar, weekly spreads, daily pages, and short-term collections. I make one notebook for every month. The next insert is for my future planning and long-term collections. It has my yearly goals, book lists, and all the other lists I don’t want to transfer every time I need to start a new bullet journal. The third insert is currently blank, but I’ll be setting that up as my fitness insert soon. At the very back of my traveler’s notebook is the vinyl pocket insert, and that holds the contents of my wallet so that I don’t have too many things cluttering up my purse when I leave the house!

The traveler's notebook bullet journal is one of the most versatile & customizable planning systems. Read on to see if it will help you find planner peace!

Why I Love the Traveler’s Notebook Bullet Journal

It’s fun and (I can’t say this enough) so versatile! I can make it meet all of my planning needs. I love that I can make my own inserts, and I can even make my own fabric cover if I wanted. If I get bored looking at the same cover every day, I can swap it out with another cover and not worry about rewriting everything in the notebooks – they just move! My traveler’s notebook doubles as my wallet, so I have more room in my purse (you know, for diapers and kid toys!).

The traveler's notebook bullet journal is one of the most versatile & customizable planning systems. Read on to see if it will help you find planner peace!

Have I intrigued you yet?

If you want to take a look at some gorgeous traveler’s notebooks, hop on Etsy or Amazon and just search for traveler’s notebooks. You’ll find covers made out of leather or fabric. If you’re interested in trying out a travelers notebook but aren’t sure if it’s the right system for you, give a fabric cover a try first. They’re typically cheaper, and you can find some really cute ones on Etsy.  But beware, I’ve gotten lost and spent many hours just admiring all the pretty covers and inserts!


I wrote this post several months ago, but never got around to publishing it. I loved my traveler’s notebook bullet journal, but I really wanted to try the Leuchtturm1917 A5 notebook, and it did not fit in my cover. I gave up the TN system and went back to everything in one notebook.

I’m revisiting the topic now because I can’t get it out of my head! I love the LT1917 and the full size of the A5 notebook; however, I go through books so fast. (I’ve been using my yellow book for a month and I’m already past page 100!) It’s kind of a pain to transfer collections to a new book every couple months. So now I am currently in search of my next traveler’s notebook! The next one will be big enough to hold my A5 notebook plus a few inserts. I can’t wait to get one all set up again. I feel like I’m so close to finding the elusive “planner peace.”

What do you think about a traveler’s notebook bullet journal? Have you used a TN before? Do you have any questions? Hit me up in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve never used a Traveler’s Notebook, but it feels like I’ve been hearing about them all over the place lately! It’s definitely a cool concept. I’m casually into bullet journaling–not yet finished with my first one!
    Rachel G recently posted…Re-Introducing The Random WritingsMy Profile

  2. I have never heard about a Travelers Journal, but it sounds like something I need. I can think of all sorts of information I would like to carry with me day to day, but never knew how to do it without stuffing a bunch a papers in my purse. Thank you for the information I will definitely be looking into this.
    Mary recently posted…Friday Five ~ Last Minute Fathers Day GiftsMy Profile

    • I’m so glad this helped, Mary! I have been missing my traveler’s notebook, and I can’t wait to get my next one all set up!

  3. I LOVE bullet journals! I don’t know if I could get the hang of a traveler’s notebook, but you make it look so easy and super gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  4. So I have never did bullet journal but I have heard so many say how amazing it is. Also, I love this travelers notebook!!! So many great options to choose from which is always a plus!

    • Thanks, Mistle! It really is a fun way to get all of your planning taken care of! And the options are seriously unlimited!

  5. I would love to see how you use the notebook. I am always curious to see how everyone designs the pages!

    • Don’t worry, Lauren! As soon as I get my next cover and have everything set up, I will definitely be sharing it!!! 🙂

  6. I have not used a bullet journal but I’m really interested in doing one and trying to find a cute traveller’s notebook!

  7. Hi, Samantha! I’m Samantha… lol!

    Okay, I have this problem. It’s really more of an addiction, to be honest. To planning supplies. And with this post you have single-handedly added a whole new level to the addiction. I’m not sure whether the weeping I hear are my own tears of joy or my wallet’s cries for help! Hahaha!

    Thank you for sharing! I’m off to Etsy now…

    • Well hello there, Samantha! 😀 I have that same addiction! Should we start a support group together? Samanthas Addicted to Supplies? We’ll just call it SAS for short, but also beacause we’re sassy! 🙂

  8. Ahh it’s so pretty!!! I love fabric covers!

    • Thanks, Rachel! I do too! I get stuck in the fabric departments at craft stores now dreaming of all the pretty covers I could make. 🙂

  9. This is a beautiful notebook set! I’m horrible and keeping a journal and find the urge to switch up my planners throughout the year!

    • Thanks, Kuleigh! I was getting pretty bad at wanting to switch things up too. I think that’s part of why the whole bullet journal system really works for me. I can change how it looks, the layouts, the books, everything so easily.

  10. Thanks for the great explanation of all that!
    shan recently posted…6 Real Food Snacks That Kids AND Adults Might Become Addicted ToMy Profile

  11. That is seriously lovely! I love the idea of traveler’s notebooks. Now I think I’ll actually have to go out and get one!

  12. I love travelling and of course stationery!! This would be something new to try 🙂

  13. I seriously love all things stationery, so I’m seriously intrigued by all of the talk of bullet journals I keep hearing. I love the folder with inserts–what a fun way to keep organized!

  14. How cute! I have so many notebooks for journaling, so I love seeing other people’s notebooks.

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