Twins & Teething

From crankiness to drooling to chomping down on everything, teething is no joke. These are my best tips to help mommas survive twins and teething.

From crankiness to drooling to chomping down on everything, teething is no joke. These are my best tips to help mommas survive twins and teething.

There is one word I know that can strike fear into many mothers’ hearts: teething. Whether you’re a new mom with your first baby, or an experienced mom with your tenth baby, it doesn’t matter. Teething is awful. It just plain sucks. For you and definitely for your little ones. You know what makes it even more “fun?” Twins and teething.

I’ve picked up on a few things here and there while raising the twins. For one, they are absolutely different people with different personalities. No carbon copies here. For another, they already seem competitive. Maybe it’s just in my head. You know that phrase or song, “anything you can do I can do better?” I think that’s their theme song. I’m pretty sure it goes like this when they talk to each other:

LoveBug: You can crawl? I can crawl faster!

SweetPea: You can say “momma?” I’ll say “momma” and “dada!”

LoveBug: You got a tooth? Watch me get two!

They might not be carbon copies of each other, but they certainly do copy and mimic each other’s actions, and then one-up each other. They’re only fifteen months old, and it’s been pretty funny so far. Except when it comes to teething.

From crankiness to drooling to chomping down on everything, teething is no joke. These are my best tips to help mommas survive twins and teething.

The past week has been miserable. They’re working on getting some molars in, and in sisterly solidarity, they’re doing it together. So for the past week I’ve had not one, but two cranky, irritable, cantankerous, feverish teething girls. Poor babies. They didn’t want to be anywhere but sitting on me; heaven forbid I get up or walk out of the room. Any tiny little thing would set them off, and the screaming party would begin. Something strange on TV? Nope. Momma needs to pee? NOPE. I’m pretty sure that this has been a preview for when they become PMS-ing teenagers. At one point SweetPea got mad at something (I really have no idea at what), and turned around to go stomping and crying down the hall towards her room. I’m not ready for that yet. 

Regardless of how miserable teething is, I’ve figured out a few things that have helped us. I’m scared to think what last week would have been like without these tips! This is what has helped us with twins and teething:


Their gums are hurting; their temperatures are climbing. My best solution: baby Tylenol. It kept their fevers from getting out of control, and provided a little pain relief for their gums. However, we went through so much of it last week. With twins you get twice the giggles, twice the diapers, and twice the Tylenol. After last week, I’m really wishing they would sell it by the gallon. 

Soft Foods

When their gums are hurting, of course they didn’t want to eat. So I gave them softer foods, and chilled what I could. Cold fruits, cheeses, and ravioli were a huge hit last week. Also, these Blueberry Banana Cookies are soft, and taste great refrigerated.

Change the Scenery

When they start getting overly cranky, we’d leave that room and go play in another. Different toys, different atmosphere. Or I’d turn on the music and have a dance party. That was a little more difficult. Have you ever tried to dance with a 20+ pound baby on each hip? When all else failed, cuddles in the rocking chair fixed everything.

Teething Toys

These are a must for teething babies of all ages. They need something to chow down on. I really love these new teethers that Nuby sent us. The Perfectly Pink Icy Bite Keys are great because they get cool in the fridge. And the ring that holds them is large enough for them to get back to those molars. LoveBug’s favorite was the Squeezy Teethe. As soon as she got her hands on that lion and it squeaked at her, she was in love. It made the wait for her cardiology checkup bearable; the lion and food were the only things that kept her calm. And at home don’t even try to take it away from her. She will not let it go! SweetPea preferred the Teethe & Play. It crinkles, it’s got the cool gel, and she discovered it makes a great noise when she bangs it on the floor. I highly recommend these great teethers. You can find them at Walmart stores in mid-March!

From crankiness to drooling to chomping down on everything, teething is no joke. These are my best tips to help mommas survive twins and teething.


My girls got their first teeth in at around 8 months. They really made an excited momma wait for it! However, the excessive drool started several months before that. They drooled so much that their poor little chins broke out in a small rash. So just keep a burp rag nearby to constantly dry the drool, and moisturize their chins with some baby lotion.

Coffee, Wine, and Chocolate

This is my go-to recommendation for any rough time with kids. Coffee to keep you going, wine to wind you down at the end of the day (if you can make it that far), and coffee to soothe the soul. It’s a rough time mommas, indulge yourself a little. No one in the house functions well when momma’s at her wits end, so take care of you. We went through a lot of coffee, wine and chocolate when we were potty training our son, and we went through a lot of that last week with our teething twins. It’s okay, we all deserved it.

From crankiness to drooling to chomping down on everything, teething is no joke. These are my best tips to help mommas survive twins and teething.

Baby kisses are the cutest!

When they were getting in their first 8 teeth (the front ones), it wasn’t a horrible experience. I’d say they sailed through it with flying colors, much like their big brother did. After being just a little cranky for a day or so, they’d just wake up one morning and show me a brand new tooth in their happy little smile. These molars are a whole different story. 

Giveaway Time!

The wonderful people at Nuby were so kind to send us these teethers, and they want to send one to a lucky winner, too! The giveaway is open to US residents only. Just enter below, and the winner will be chosen at random. 

From crankiness to drooling to chomping down on everything, teething is no joke. These are my best tips to help mommas survive twins and teething.

What’s your best tip for surviving teething? If you have twins, I want to know if they have the same theme song! Tell me below in the comments!

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  1. Definitely a great list of things that help survive teething. I might need to do a similar post: how to survive a sick child. This week has been awful, and I thought it was teething at first and did a lot of what you mentioned. I love the teethers that you can put in the fridge and give them cold. It really does seem to help. I also put ice in his sippy with water. That’s gonna go in my post too.
    Julie S. recently posted…Gratitude and Goals March 18, 2016 #GratitudeGoalsMy Profile

  2. Oh man I could not imagine 2 teething babies! Super mama! I have one getting his 4 top teeth in at once and the other night he didn’t get to sleep until 1 am but next day we saw 3 of them have broke through the gums. The things that got us through is Hyland’s Teething Tablets have been a huge lifesaver, also vibrating teething toys and chilled teething rings and of course Baby’s Tylenol has been a must as well. My son has that Nuby Teething keys one shown above, he loves it as well! Its hard growing up, poor little sweeties! And I agree Coffee and chocolate have got me through these long nights and days! haha
    Take care and God bless!

    • I have heard great things about the teething tablets, but we haven’t tried them yet. And wow, 4 teeth at once! I thought my kids were the only ones that did that crazy stuff!

  3. The baby I nanny just went through a big portion of her teething last month. Baby Motrin and bottles instead of her food we’re our go-to. It was also hard because at the same time she was teething, she was also learning the art of throwing a temper tantrum to get what she wants…fun times. 😉
    Kristin Cook recently posted…You Are Not a Piece of TrashMy Profile

  4. Awe. Your girls are so cute! I can definitely relate to the twin competition. Luckily, we’re through the teething stage, but I remember it well. Their little cheeks would get so chapped from the drool. Those teething toys are super cute. Hope your girls finish getting in all their teeth soon!

  5. Teething twins omg! One teething baby is tough. They so cute though in the pictures above.
    Healing Mama recently posted…AAT – I Need Help Deciding Where to Work!My Profile

  6. Multiple mama’s are basically superheroes 🙂 I love your tip for changing scenery – I find that works so well in many parenting situations! New room, new toy, new music, fresh air. Just mix it up and watch the mood improve!
    I love these pictures of your girls too, especially the kissing one! 🙂 My youngest is definitely teething this week, lot’s of tylenol and snuggles over here!
    Erin recently posted…On Couches, Loss and CompromiseMy Profile

  7. Those teethers are beautiful and I’m sure they are a God-send to you right now! I am not looking forward to the molars stage, but will keep these Nuby teethers in mind when that day comes!
    Tori Hamilton recently posted…What Every L&D Nurse Wished You KnewMy Profile

  8. Your girls are precious but I’m sure it’s EXHAUSTING while they’re teething. It’s exhausting to only have one little one teething!

  9. Ugh, I think teething was one of the worst things that people didn’t tell you about! It just goes on forever!!!
    Shannon recently posted…Small Victories Link UpMy Profile

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