When Motherhood Hurts (Plus a Cocktail Recipe!)

Sometimes motherhood hurts. I'm not talking emotionally, I'm talking about the raw physical pain caused daily by our tiny loved ones. Bonus cocktail recipe!

Motherhood is truly the most amazing experience in my life. I loved being pregnant and feeling the babies kicking around inside me. I loved infancy when they were all so tiny and all they wanted was momma cuddles and sleep. I love watching my kids grow, learn new skills, and master their milestones. There’s really nothing in the world like it. However, sometimes motherhood hurts.

I’m not talking about the emotional hurt of sleep deprivation, or when your child rejects you for someone else. I’m not talking about the pain of separation when your child goes to school. I’m talking raw, physical pain. 

These tiny little humans that we made and love more than anything else in the world can sometimes cause us the worst pain! Sometimes it’s an elbow constantly digging into your boob when you’re PMS-ing. Or an excited little body slamming into you because he was just so excited and not paying attention. It’s crazy how many times during the day I’m saying “ow” for one thing or another.

I’m bringing this up because the other day one of my darling daughters accidentally tried smashing in my face with the back of her head. We were laying on the couch, and she was in front of me. She leaned way forward, then out of nowhere slammed her body backwards, full force, right into my face. My husband heard the crack of my nose from across the room and ran to get me paper towels and calm down the now screaming child. 

(If you’re squeamish skip this paragraph.) Y’all, I’ve never seen so much blood in my life! For a few minutes I was worried we’d have to take a trip to the ER. Thank goodness it finally stopped, and I was even able to get the stain out of our light-colored microfiber couch.

The whole afternoon was just a disaster. The twins didn’t nap for more than an hour, so they were extra cranky. A client called Hubs and said they needed him to go out of town overnight. (So an ER trip was really out of the question!) SweetPea smashed my face right before he needed to go get ready to leave. As he’s walking out the door one of the dogs got sick all over the floor. Some days you just can’t win.

And I’m not the only one!

Here’s what other mommas say about when motherhood hurts:

“I’ve had so many fat lips from my kid doing the same thing! [The face-smashing thing.] He kneed me in the eye recently when I was looking under his crib for dropped pacis. Really thought I’d have a black eye.”  -Julie, mom of 1, Fab Working Mom Life

“When my son was younger when he was happy he used to bite me really hard! I have pictures of the teeth marks.”  -Nikki, mom of 2 (soon to be 3!), Healing Mama

“My youngest once head-butted me and busted my lip when she was a baby. She was perfectly fine, not hurt at all. That’s when I knew she would be ok in life. lol.”  -Arianne, mom of 2, Love, Peace, and Tiny Feet

And moms aren’t the only ones!

“My husband fell down the stairs with our daughter in his arms… while holding her up out of harms way, he was pretty beat up from it!”  -Tori, mom of 2, The Mama Nurse

So how does a momma cope when motherhood hurts? 

With a special cocktail! Sometimes wine just won’t cut it. Sometimes you deserve a little extra for the pain you endured that day, or for the stress of worrying about whether or not you’ll have black eyes.

This drink only takes two ingredients. My kids are huge fans of canned fruit, so I always buy the big cans, dice it up all at once, and then save the juice. Mommas, that juice is amazing when you add a little flavored vodka to it! The recipe is:

  • 1.5 ounces flavored vodka (any flavor, but I’m loving coconut vodka right now)
  • 3 ounces canned fruit juice

Pour the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, shake it up, and pour it in a glass. Nothing too fancy. It doesn’t get any more mom-ish than that, does it?!

So mommas, I want to hear all about your pains! Tell me when you’ve had one of these “motherhood hurts” moments below in the comments!

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  1. Being a Mom can be hazardous to our health, ans sanity. I want that cocktail now 🙂
    Julie S @ Fab Working Mom Life recently posted…7 Essential Items You Need for Travel with Babies, Guest PostMy Profile

  2. Oh I think I need to make myself that special drink…my “baby girl” not so little anymore and we just had one of those booboo moments too-We tried to High 5 and hip bump and she knocked me flat on my tush!! Still am black & blue

  3. My little Monkey, bless that boy, has no idea how to control himself and has left many bruises on me. The scariest was when I was pregnant and he lost his temper and used me as a punching bag. But he doesn’t register pain as well as most…so it’s a pretty often occurrence. I could use that cocktail!
    Lauren Jane recently posted…Vegetarian Lasagna; Zucchini, Collard Greens, and Kale.My Profile

  4. Whoa! You really did need a cocktail, didn’t you!? Poor mama!
    Kristin Cook recently posted…That Time I Didn’t Care What Others ThoughtMy Profile

  5. Lol…it does hurt sometimes…especially when their heads come out 🙂
    linda spiker recently posted…Easy Blackened Chicken and Quinoa SaladMy Profile

  6. Haha my kids kick my butt all the time! I’m glad you didnt have to make a trip to the ER. That drink sounds perfect though!

    • Lol! Thanks, Lauren! I’m glad I didn’t have to go either, and it’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one getting beat up by my kids! 🙂

  7. I loved this. Motherhood is definitely a challenge but making a great little mommy drink to help through the rough and tumble times is a great option. Good tip on saving the juice from canned fruit.

  8. Oh my goodness, I feel for you! My son has done that same maneuver to me but thankfully it hasn’t ended up with blood! Hope you’re feeling better! <3
    Susannah recently posted…Why We All Should Leave (Most) Blogging Facebook GroupsMy Profile

    • Thank you, Susannah! I’m feeling a lot better now! I was lucky enough to not get black eyes, and my nose doesn’t make that weird crunch when I grab and wiggle it. So yay!

  9. Poor mama! I hope you’re doing okay now. My littlest has recently started head butting me. He hasn’t gotten me in the nose… yet.
    Naya @ Lactivist in Louboutins recently posted…Simply Chic: Simply Rustic Co. Diffuser NecklaceMy Profile

    • I think it’s inevitable and will happen to most moms. Maybe I’m just lucky enough to have gotten by this long without it happening. Good luck with the head butting! That’s a tough one!

  10. LOL! Ouch! Parenting does hurt. I’ve been head butted a lot. I’ve also been kicked and punched. I didn’t know that type of stuff would happen when I became a parent! LOL.
    Nikki Crump recently posted…Creating Healthy Habits for The School Year with Nature Made®’s KIDS FIRST® Multivitamin GummiesMy Profile

    • Right?! Motherhood hurts! This is part of what no one tells you about parenting, so you just assume it’s all cuddles with adorable sleeping babies. But once that phase is over, the real pain (I mean fun) begins! 🙂

  11. Haha I love this! We all need a pick me up every now and then! 😉

  12. Lol! That totally is a mom drink! I’d drink it for sure! I’m glad that you didn’t Have to go to the ER!!
    Tori @ TheMamaNurse recently posted…Top Munchkin Products to Help You During Summer Vacation & Giveaway!My Profile

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