Why I HATE Spring

Spring is beautiful. The weather warms up, everything around us thaws out and turns green. I hate it. But before you start judging me, come read why.

Spring is beautiful. The weather warms up, everything around us thaws out and turns green. I hate it. But before you start judging me, come read why.

Spring is beautiful. The weather warms up. Everything thaws out from the hard winter freezes and turns green. The flowers bloom. The birds are happily chirping away. It paints a pretty picture in your mind, no? I hate it.

I feel a little Grinchy saying that, but it’s true. Bah humbug. Maybe you should just call me the Mrs. Scrooge of the World’s Most-Loved Season. Before you start trying to get those happy chirpy birds to dive-bomb me, let me defend myself first. This is why I hate spring.


All those pretty flowers that are blooming, and trees and grasses that are growing only mean one thing to me: pollen. Yellow stuff everywhere! The world doesn’t get all green and pretty; it gets yellow and gross because it’s covered in pollen. How many times do you have to wash your car because it isn’t its original color anymore? Have you tried to sit in a chair that’s been outside for five minutes? And who can breathe in that? Sneezeville City.


As the world of nature awakens from it’s winter snooze, keep in mind that also includes bugs. Mosquitos, wasps, bees, and spiders. I can’t take the dogs outside without getting eaten alive by mosquitos while dodging flying-stinging-things and walking through invisible spider webs. Just take a minute and picture that.


The never-ending rain. My son just knows it’s finally warm enough outside to play, and then the rain comes. And it seems to rain for days on end here. When it finally stops the ground is so saturated that everything turns into a mud pit. During the short break between rains, there’s just enough time for the mud to dry out and have one good day to play (if you can get past the bugs and pollen) before it starts raining again. Try explaining that to a three-year-old, over and over and over. After it rained for a week straight I had to get creative and make up some rainy day activities so we wouldn’t go bonkers from cabin fever.


In case you didn’t know, we live in Arkansas. During the spring it seems like with every storm that rolls through, we get a tornado watch. I’ll be honest here, one of my biggest fears is a tornado swooping down and destroying my house and my family. So I literally have to face my fears every single week (sometimes several days in a row, depending on how bad the storm is), and somehow keep the panic on the inside to keep the kids happy. Momma can’t curl up in a terrified ball during every bad storm. And so many of them roll through at night. Those are the worst. If we have a tornado watch, I take that to be Momma Watch. I get zero sleep. Even though there’s not much that can be done, I want to be awake and watch over my family. If the watch gets escalated to a warning, I want to be awake and ready. Besides, thanks to our dog, I wouldn’t be getting any sleep anyway. He’s terrified of thunder, so I’ve woken up countless times to a shivering Shih Tzu standing on my chest at 2 a.m. Every storm that passes over us induces so much panic, adrenaline (and not the good kind), and fear that I’m left exhausted. Then we go through it again a few days later.

I feel like the only person in the world that hates spring. I’ll take those days in the middle of summer with 100+ degree temperatures. I love the leaves changing colors in the fall. I’ll even take the days where the temperature doesn’t get above freezing in the winter, because I’ve got cozy sweaters, hot cocoa, and a fire place. But Spring? Oh hell no.

So while you’re enjoying your beautiful sunshine-filled warm days, spending time outside smelling the flowers, and listening to those happy chirpy little birds, just send some positive thoughts my way. I’ll be over here sneezing, washing yellow off of everything, while dodging bugs and tornados. 

So share your thoughts on spring with me! Are you a total lover or hater? I can’t be the only hater!

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  1. Spring is my favorite time of year!! 🙂 But you did make me reconsider because I do suffer from seasonal allergies AND I’m a bug hater. It’s just so much better than winter! Be strong mama, you will survive this! 😉
    Erin recently posted…The Funny Side of Sleep DeprivationMy Profile

    • Lol thanks, Erin! I’m definitely more a fall/winter person. I think I’d like to stick my head in the ground and hibernate through the next three months.

  2. I love spring because I hate winter (and also, my birthday) but OMG tornadoes are scary and having to be fearful every storm season is not fun at all. I agree with you on the allergens and bugs though. Every season has some evils.
    Julie S. recently posted…Gwen Stefani’s New Album #ThisIsWhatTheTruthFeelsLike #GwenO2OMy Profile

    • You’re right, Julie, every season does have its evils. Spring’s evils are just a little bit more pronounced for me. 🙂

  3. I love spring…except when my allergies act up. I don’t like that part. Spring represents newness to me, and I love that it means warm weather is coming. However, the tornados are scary too. We had so many last year.
    Healing Mama recently posted…Why Having Another VBAC Scares MeMy Profile

    • I know! I can’t believe we had so many last year. I swear, every time there was a thunderstorm a tornado watch went with it. So done with that!

  4. I’m always grateful in the spring that I’ve never had seasonal allergies. Michigan is a very beautiful state in Spring–I think there, the most dangerous season is winter due to bad roads+so much ice and snow. I think the season that you prefer tends to depend on where you live. I love spring and summer equally. Although I’m from Michigan, I now live in the tropics, and there is only dry season and rainy season. Right now it’s dry season and everything is brown and it’s beastly hot…so I’d say I prefer rainy season. 😛
    Rachel G recently posted…Questions I Get AskedMy Profile

    • You are very right about that! When I lived further south and these storms weren’t such an issue, spring was one of my favorite seasons. It’s beautiful and I love what it symbolizes. And I see your point about dry season vs. rainy season – I’d take rainy season, too!

  5. I get super bad allergies so I feel ya!

  6. I’m right there with you, for all of these reasons plus some! I’m in Dallas so we get the big storms too. I’ve actually been IN two tornadoes, and they’re frightening. So when the storms start, even if it’s just a small storm, I get ZERO sleep. In addition, spring is the worst because it means summer is coming. And Texas summers are AWFUL. I literally don’t want to go outside from June- Sept! So spring to me is like other people’s fall in that in reminds them that winter is coming – spring signals stay-inside-the-house heat for me!
    Paige @ An Uncomplicated Life Blog recently posted…The Ultimate Infant Travel SystemMy Profile

    • Paige, I am so glad there is someone who understands me! I can’t imagine actually going through a tornado, but it’s reassuring that you’ve had two and you’re okay. The storms that rolled through this morning had me up before 4am. It’s one of those days where I’ll have three cups of coffee, and I might actually nap with the kids today. 🙂

  7. Hahaha you are too funny. Glass half full, hu? 😉 Jk. I prefer fall over spring. It’s a much prettier season and gets me all excited for fall food/upcoming holidays/boots!!
    Chrissa – Physical Kitchness recently posted…Say See Ya to SaddlebagsMy Profile

    • Boots! I didn’t even think of boots! I think when fall rolls around it’s time for this momma to reward herself with a new pair. 🙂

  8. I totally relate to this. I have hayfever allergies too and they were really bad when I was pregnant. Other people had morning sickness but I had runny noses and phlem!
    Lana recently posted…Mark MakingMy Profile

    • Allergies are the worst when you’re pregnant because there’s not much you can do about it! When I was pregnant with the twins a couple springs ago I was a walking booger factory. Totally gross. But at least now I can take some meds for that! 🙂

  9. I love all seasons. But I have really had a pep in my step lately, thanks to spring. I can see how it would be rough on people with really bad allergies though!
    Kristin Cook recently posted…Prayer- God Doesn’t Forget After One DayMy Profile

  10. Allergies really are the WORST!!!! but I do LOVE all the budding flowers!! XO

  11. Neely (@Neelykins)

    The bugs are my big hate for spring!

  12. I lived in warm weather places most of my life (like Florida). I moved to Germany a few years ago and that’s when I first started appreciating the seasons. Now that I’m in NC, I can say that I officially disagree with you… :). I love spring, as long as I’m not having an allergy attack. Fall used to be my favorite, but I think Spring is going to take over that spot.

  13. I hate spring for a totally different reason. My little one has severe eczema and it flares up the worst in the change of season to spring. Poor little guy can’t be out for longer than 10 minutes and he’s itching like crazy.
    Maggie recently posted…Loop Resistance Bands by Live Infinitely ReviewMy Profile

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