Why Moms Need Wine

Did you ever wonder why moms love wine so much? I've got 8 reasons here why moms NEED wine. Yes, I said it. We need it.

Did you ever wonder why moms love wine so much? I've got 8 reasons here why moms NEED wine. Yes, I said it. We need it.

Moms need a lot of stuff to get us through the day. We need coffee to keep us functioning. Planners to keep us organized. Lists galore so we don’t miss anything that needs to be done. Hugs and kisses from our little ones to make us smile. Wine. Oh, sweet wine. You might ask why moms need wine. I can think of a few reasons.

Because children.

Yes. I said it. Moms need wine because of those beautiful little things that make us a mom. Because they’re threenagers with attitudes. Or hitting their siblings. Or wrestling. And screaming. When was the last time there was actually quiet in the house? And let’s not forget potty training, teething, the sippy cup battle, and all the other daily mayhem.

Because wine is a reminder.

As a mom, you are so many people wrapped up in one person: cook, maid, shopper, scheduler, referee, driver, counselor, teacher. You name it, you’re it. Wine is a friendly reminder that we are our own person, too.

Because wine is healthy.

I swear I’ve read in so many different places that a glass of red wine is healthy for your heart. And isn’t it full of antioxidants? That’s all healthy, right? I’m going with it.

Because wine is for celebrating.

You might hear a lot of comments from moms about cranky babies, attitudinal preschoolers, and much more (yes, like I just mentioned above). But you’ll also hear about all the wonderful things moms get to celebrate – all those wonderful milestones. First tooth, first poop on the potty, first steps, sleeping through the night, starting school (that deserves champagne right there!), and every other tiny little milestone that we feel needs recognized. Mommas have a lot to celebrate.

Because nap time.

Or really, the lack thereof. My three-year-old has decided he doesn’t want naps anymore. He’s discovered it’s way more fun to do ridiculous bed gymnastics. You know, the stand on your head kind. And the twins are in between one nap and two. If my kids don’t sleep enough during the day, we have two possible outcomes: tired and cranky (the girls usually go for this option) and tired and hyper (the boy – every single day). The more tired that boy gets, the more wound up he gets. And this has an equal and opposite effect on his ability to listen. Does this sound familiar? Please tell me it’s like this in your house, too. I can’t be alone here!

Because evenings are rough.

So after your kids may or may not have napped, you cross your fingers and hope that everyone is in a decent enough mood to let you cook dinner. If not, you’ve got a baby on your hip, one on the floor that also wants to be picked up, and a crazy older child literally bouncing off the walls. Then you have to get everyone situated at the table, maintain peace and encourage manners, manage to scarf down your dinner so you can hop up to clean the dishes. Then there’s bath time, jammy time, and bed time. Oh, glorious bedtime, FINALLY.

Because wine is a reward.

Congratulations, Momma! You made it through the day without losing your mind! Your kids are all in one piece, happy and, chaos aside, so are you! You deserve a gold star! I’m sorry, did I say gold star? I meant a glass of wine.

Because it’s our thing.

As a mom, I don’t have much that’s just for me. Time, energy, and everything goes to the littles. The kids have just about everything that used to have “Mom’s” written on it. Their games are taking over our phones and tablets. Even coffee. My son wants his own now (DECAF! ONLY DECAF!!!). I could paint my nails, but with dishes and cleaning, there’s no point. I blog, but even that is about the kids. Wine is the one adult thing we have. The kids can’t have wine! It’s all ours!

All we ask as moms is for you to not judge us. We’re hard at work trying to raise our little heathens, and shape them into decent human beings. That’s a tough job no matter if the kids are babies or adults. Some days are easier than others, and some days require an extra glass. We’re not all alcoholics. We just want something that soothing, relaxing, and comforting. We deserve it!

Okay, mommas, why do you need wine? Tell me below in the comments!

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  1. I’m not a mom yet, but I’d say wine is the perfect way for me to wind down and enjoy myself every once in a while after a long stressful day.

  2. Yes lots of reasons. If wine didn’t give me headaches I might be right there with you 🙂
    Julie recently posted…Fine Motor Skills Activity: Straws in a CupMy Profile

  3. Wine not? I think everyone deserves a good glass of wine, ESPECIALLY moms!

  4. Once I have this baby, I’m going to add wine to my routine. I seriously need something to help me relax. I just don’t know how to find a yummy wine that I like.
    Healing Mama recently posted…What I Know About LoveMy Profile

  5. Of course, you are a rockstar mom and you so totally deserve to treat yourself with whatever makes you happy and helps you relax, who cares about others who judge!! Hehe wine is the only alcohol that gives me a slight buzz and puts me to sleep 😉
    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

  6. I saw this on my Instagram feed, jumped right over. I agree with every point made. And so fitting for today’s Wine Day. A healthy reminder is all we need!

  7. I love this, and can relate to so much of it! However, not a big wine drinker but do enjoy partaking in the occasional festive (or stress relieving) Heineken! 😀
    Tori Hamilton recently posted…Must-Have Baby Items I Wished I Had With My First ChildMy Profile

  8. Oh no! I dread the day my almost 3 year old stops napping! I don’t drink now but I might start back up then! 😉 haha
    Erin recently posted…Classic Board Books Every Baby Should OwnMy Profile

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